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Liverpool Hope University: Fostering Unique Educational Approaches for Comprehensive Success

Liverpool Hope University

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While focusing primarily on the academic arena, educational institutions nowadays are also developing students in a range of other aspects, such as emotional intelligence, employability, as well as the teaching of extra-curricular activities. While pursuing higher education, it is essential that students opt for institutes that devoted to this holistic approach to education.

Liverpool Hope University provides such an opportunity for students to pursue a path of academic excellence. The university harbors a distinct philosophy to “educate in the round’—mind, body, and spirit—in the quest for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.”  Fostering a strong tradition of scholarship and research with a history that extends beyond 175 years, it strives to create capable and employable graduates prepared for the rigors of the global industry.

Harboring Philosophical Approach

Studying at Liverpool Hope University does not merely provide academic or professional excellence, it also ensures students have a well-rounded education, enriching their lives as individuals and citizens, providing them confidence and independence to thrive in every pursuit.

One of the best instances of the exercise of this approach is the university’s Service and Leadership Award (SALA). Every student can enroll in the scheme and can opt out if they do not wish to participate. The SALA scheme is about serving the community in a voluntary capacity while helping students develop leadership skills. It is also an important method of networking with industry contacts to boost their CVs and, ultimately, their future job prospects.

Array of Academic Programs

Hope offers a wide range of courses, with degrees at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels—including Master’s and research degrees as well as several Continuing Professional Development courses. The university’s offering continues to evolve and adapt to meet the demands of the global industry. Alongside the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, the university also harbors a Business School accredited by the globally-renowned US-based Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), and a range of subjects in Arts and Social Sciences. In response to the huge industry skills shortage in AI practitioners, the university developed an AI degree.

Most recently, the university has also launched Postgraduate Certificates in both Sports Management and Data Science and Security—two other areas where graduates are expected to be in high demand among employers.

Fostering Links with European Values

Liverpool Hope University is a thriving, multicultural institution with strong links to Europe. Its partner institutions span across the globe—from Universite Catholique de Lille, Lille, France, to Christ University, Bangalore, India. The university has launched the Master’s in Contemporary European Affairs, designed to examine the UK’s links with Continental Europe. Launched in conjunction with the Catholic University of Lille, France, the program aims to provide advanced practical knowledge of the workings of the European Union as well as a full understanding of the dynamics of Brexit.

Guided by a Proficient Leader

One of the Hope’s senior leaders is Dr. Penny Haughan, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost. She joined the university in 1995 as a lecturer in Biology and was further promoted as the Dean of Sciences and Social Sciences. “I was honored to be part of the management team who enjoyed a historic period when Hope became a fully-fledged university in 2005,” says Dr. Haughan.

In 2010, she was elected as the Dean of Students and was entrusted with taking the leadership of the busy external relations department, which undertakes everything from marketing and media to recruitment and reputation management. Dr. Haughan has been a key contributor to the notable growth and development of the university.

Plethora of Developmental Aspects

Hope encourages its students to go above and beyond to enhance their learning experience and their CV through its SALA Scheme. The university also has a thriving Community Engagement Team that takes part in charitable schemes to benefit various charities and organizations. It was established during the pandemic to provide immediate support for the local area.

The University’s Global Hope initiative is an international volunteering program that allows students to engage with issues of social justice while participating in charitable projects in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. Moreover, the students also enjoy a £5.5m Sports Complex and are encouraged to participate in its varied sports teams. Hope’s Plas Caerdeon Outdoor Education Centre, located in picturesque North Wales, delivers residential outdoor activity courses to a wide range of university students and staff.

Distinct Career Opportunities

Liverpool Hope University’s distinct philosophy guides the students into seeking their vocation and calling. It recently strategized a ‘vision’ for enhancing student employability. Over the next five years, the university plans to expand its already-extensive portfolio of employability opportunities while also developing students’ professional and social skills to enable them to engage and compete successfully on the world stage. Its dedicated ‘Employability Hub’ assists the students with CV writing, interview tips, work experience opportunities, and job vacancy information.

Through its Placement and Internship program, the university works closely with employers and voluntary organizations to offer placement opportunities that cover a wide spectrum of professions. Additionally, the Student Development and Employability team focuses on working in conjunction with employers to shape the curriculum.

Embracing and Encouraging Diversity

Liverpool Hope University strives to foster a working and learning environment that recognizes and respects differences. The university is also committed to developing a framework that ensures that equality and diversity are mainstreamed into the full range of its activities. Its Student Development and Well-being team provide information, advice, and assistance on a whole range of diversity issues. The university encourages a full range of support for transgender or non-binary students that include counseling and mental wellbeing aid. Its Students’ Union (SU) harbors an LGBTQ+ officer and a Trans+ officer to help support students. Moreover, the SU also recently published a well-received new guide for Trans and non-binary students who might be new to the city.

Hope also encourages diversity through several societies that respect individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds. These include the Afro-Caribbean Society and the Hope Islamic Society. The university also takes pride in standing with the Black Community following the death of George Floyd in America. Additionally, Liverpool Hope’s International Hub is dedicated to ensuring that international students can fulfill their dreams of overseas study. It offers support both before and after International students arrive at the university—advising on everything from the registration processes and learning support, to opening a bank account and other important finance queries.

Adhering Crisis Management

The COVID-19 pandemic vastly impacted the education sector, causing a massive transition from classroom to online teaching. Liverpool Hope University sought innovative ways to adapt during the lockdowns for improving the overall student experience. The subject of its annual Excellence in Learning and Teaching Prize was ‘Online Student Engagement’ for 2021 and the university was able to showcase academics who had demonstrated real ingenuity to engage with their students. These included virtual walking tours, a Moodle-based treasure hunt, a lecture turned into a TV game show, and many more.

Robust Contingency Plans Liverpool Hope is currently committed to offering face-to-face teaching wherever and whenever possible. Many of its academics are engaged in research that examines the Coronavirus pandemic. For example, one academic is presently part of a ground-breaking new research project that aims to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and young people with intellectual disabilities. The university continues to monitor the latest Government advice regarding COVID-19 and has a robust contingency plan in place should it need to revert to a hybrid mix of face-to-face and online learning.

Liverpool Hope University

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