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Lysol, Sarah Michelle Partner to Help Curb the Spread of Illness So More Kids Will Show Up

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Nickelodeon introduced “Slime School” to encourage healthy habits at school and home

Every year over 60 million school days are missed by U.S. children due to preventable illnesses like cold and flu. These missed school days impact big when they take away the wonder of learning and lasting experiences students gain in the classroom. To help ensure that children are engaging and knowing the importance of study in the classroom results to learn, grow, and thrive, Lysol officially announced the launch of the ‘Here for Healthy Schools’ campaign.

Here for Healthy Schools campaign aims a healthy learning environment via its mission to curb the spread of illness in classrooms. The campaign focuses on the importance of keeping students healthy and cured against common illness. To emphasize the importance of preventing the spread of germs and illness and the perpetual abundance of illness-related absenteeism, Lysol is partnering with actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sarah is also an entrepreneur and mother of two school-aged children, who know the harm of school absences and the importance of keeping children healthy.

Empowering teachers, parents to track illness

Lysol- a brand committed to helping protect children from illness and keeping schools healthy, this school year is expanding its partnership with Kinsa, maker of the first FDA-cleared smart thermometer. Kinsa has previously made $1.5 million investment to provide smart thermometers to 1,300 schools across the country. Kinsa helps individuals and communities to stop the spread of infectious illness at maximum possibility with its smart thermometers and the connected mobile app, which gives nurses a dedicated platform to help parents anonymously understand which illness is what. The platform provides parents précised information about which illness is circulating through schools and the ability to post messages so that teachers and parents can track symptoms and illnesses among students as early as possible and guide them through the next steps.

Lysol is also building its commitment concrete by partnering with Nickelodeon to expand the Lysol Healthy Habits program and introduce “Slime School,” an interactive online curriculum that encourages healthy habits at school and home. The “Slime School” included redesigned lesson plans, animated videos promoting healthy behaviors, and age-appropriate printables for teachers and parents to use with kids.

Moreover, the Lysol Healthy Habits program includes 30 interactive and downloadable activities and lesson plans for teachers and parents of children grades K-5, to help them build illness-prevention habits.

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