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mobile notary public service

The fundamentals of mobile notary public service for EHR

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Notarization is necessary, but you cannot leave the house or work, and an on-demand mobile notary public service comes to the rescue ‒ the most convenient service bringing notary services right to your doorstep. Now, how does one conduct the notarization of electronic health records, an abbreviation for which is EHRs, anyway? Is there a particular protocol to honor or certificates to secure on the same? Keep reading to know.

Traversing notarization of electronic health records

Signing powers over EHRs is not quite the same as notarizing the permission slip; there is much more to the scenario. EHRs have sensitive information about the patient, and the prime consideration is how to protect them. Now, what should a mobile notary know? A general question about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a peculiar requirement for a mobile notary. The act protects patient privacy and ensures the security of patient databases. How important is that to the mobile notary?

Key points for traveling notaries notarizing EHRs:

  • All mobile notaries should understand and follow all the requirements that will also go hand in hand with health provider requirements of protecting patient information.
  • The notarizing of EHRer’s digital signatures typically used to be familiar with the secure digital platforms.
  • Some states need to have specific kinds of certification for notarizing electronic health documents, particularly electronic health records.

HIPAA compliance is not just an empty phrase. It requires notaries to handle information about the patient cautiously and to make sure the information is safe. If one is a notary, consider being represented by a man through an EHR, with the notarial work done through a digital signature.

What about if a notary has to use a digitally enabled platform to ensure that the document is secure and accurate? Then, he needs a safe digital platform. In this process, encryption is implemented to keep sensitive data out of view from prying eyes. Some states require a certain number of additional certifications or extra training beyond the national standards. It is no longer just about stamping a document. The extra education would help ensure that the notaries knew the unique nature of electronic records and how to deal with them appropriately.

Tech-savvy notaries meeting the digital age

So, what does a day in the life of a mobile notary that handles the EHR look like? Picture this: Jane is an experienced mobile notary who was out prospecting for more business cells and gets a call.

She also has an electronic health record that needs to be notarized. So now she pulls out her tablet, clicks on the secure digital signature software, and sets out. Once at the client’s, she then identified who was signing, made sure the EHR was complete, and then notarized using her digital platform. Of course, it is done with all the compliant HIPAA and assured security data. Easy, right?

Staying ahead of the curve

Being a mobile notary right now is about so much more than stamping papers. That currently includes, through the advent of electronic health records being collected, getting comfortable with digital, following more stringent rules in compliance, and, in some cases, obtaining extra certifications. Well, after all, in this digital age, a well-notarized EHR would be worth its weight in gold. Clients have peace of mind in the knowledge that such sensitive information is well taken care of, and the next time just any type of document requires the service of a notarization, there is that guarantee that a mobile notary public service is well-prepared even for the highly safeguarded records.

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