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Cloud-Based Business School

New Ad-Driven Cloud-Based Business School Fulfills the Promise of “Change”

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Internet-proven business model pays 95% of a student’s tuition

The United States has a massive student loan issue. The student debt burden is such that an average college student takes decades to recover. The total amount of student loan debt in the US is about $1.6 trillion i.e., every single person having a student loan of about $5,000. It’s an important issue that needs to be taken care of soon before it gets even more out of control. Keeping Joe Biden’s promise of guaranteed zero student loan debt, Qopolis University Business School officially highlighted its ground-breaking cloud-based educational model.

QU has launched its cloud-based business school with the vision to offer free education to students who can’t even afford regular business school. The QU model runs on corporate ad sponsors which pay 95% of a student’s tuition. Students just have to pay a one-time student fee and a low $97/month for 48 months without a loan application.

Overlapping earth harming campuses

The Google-proven sponsored ads model serves advertisers and exacts what students need to pay, which guarantees Zero Student Loan Debt. It fulfills Joe Biden’s vision where the government doesn’t need to pay anything for college to finally be affordable without loans. Meat-and-potatoes, from day one!

The internet-proven business model means zero student loan debt and the government doesn’t need to pay for it. Instead of making a pure profit from ad revenues, the model uses them to pay costs that allow much lower tuition. The cloud-based, no campus model with the strengths of capitalism will eventually reduce operations costs of traditional CO2 emitting campuses.

The Problem With Old-Model Higher Education

Unlike the unchecked, systemic greed in traditional colleges, QU solved multiple issues with higher education that unnecessarily inflates cost and inconveniences the student’s time.

  • General Studies Requirements: Instead of charging for free information, QU does not waste students’ time with unneeded, lengthy general studies.
  • Sports Teams: Traditional universities usually spend a full pack of budgets on sports that serve only a fraction of the students. QU disagrees to drive up tuition to fund such things.
  • Outdated Tools: QU cloud-based educational model eliminates printed books, physical campus buildings, and other unnecessary physical-operations that greatly reduce costs.

QU: 3 Student Satisfaction Guarantees

QU utilizes the newest information, latest teaching methods, and cutting-edge technology to serve the best business education possible. Qu offers its students three unique, student satisfaction guarantees:

  1. Zero student loan debt: Students will be graduated without any student loan debt. Guaranteed.
  2. First-semester satisfaction: Tuition is 105% refunded if students are not satisfied after the first semester.
  3. 100-Days After-Graduation Satisfaction: Unsatisfied students will receive their complete tuition refund, a full 100-days after graduation.
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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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