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New Energy Equity

New Energy Equity Installs Solar Panels for New Jersey Public Schools

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The Company was also identified as the fourth largest commercial solar contractor in the US

New Energy Equity (“NEE“), the top solar contractor in Annapolis, Maryland, has recently energized two new solar projects for the Elizabeth Public School Board of Education in Elizabeth, New Jersey. NEE acquired this credible project from New York developer, HESP Solar, during construction and will own and operate the systems for the next 15 years.

NEE’s installed system is composed of several roof-mounted systems atop Elizabeth High School and William F. Halloran School. The total system size between the two sites is approximately 1,470 kW, with Elizabeth High School hosting a 1,157 kW system and Halloran hosting a 313 kW system. The system compiled of arrays is expected to produce over 1,800,000 kWh in year 1 – which is equivalent to serving 222 homes with electricity for one year.

Making energy-saving a reality

New Energy Equity is excited and proud to support the Elizabeth school system in the installation of renewable energy sources that will achieve lower and predictable energy costs for years to come. “Not only will this initiative save funds that can instead be focused on education, but this initiative will also serve as a teaching model for students when it comes to environmental consciousness,” says Matthew Hankey, President & CEO of New Energy Equity.

The project is a tremendous opportunity for the Elizabeth School System as it strives to reduce its carbon footprint in alliance with Sustainable Jersey for Schools program initiatives and increase student and community engagement.

The anticipated energy savings created by the installed solar panels will allow reallocating funds typically earmarked for energy costs to other important areas of need, including classroom instruction and maintenance of facilities. “This project is a win-win for the students and families of our schools as well as for Elizabeth residents whose contributions to our schools are highly valued and appreciated,” said Board of Education President Stephanie G. Pestana.

In 2018, the company installed just under 60,000 kW of projects and identified as the fourth largest commercial solar contractor in the United States.

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