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University of Kentucky announces a partnership with global esports company Gen.G

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Transforming next gen esport for gaming

The partnership between University of Kentucky (UK) and Gen.G, a global esport Company connecting best gamers in the United States and Asia will develop new pathways for student recruitment, classroom and internship opportunities. The growing number of universities across the country is exploring esport teams and clubs. UK is a home to many creative and passionate gamers who have severed by many colleges and companies.

The university also started strategic planning for a gaming-focused certificate program and a strategic partnership with the Gen.G Elite Sports Academy for international students interested in unlocking better academic opportunities through esports. UK will work with faculty leadership for the necessary review and approvals.

New Learning opportunities for student to explore gaming

This innovative partnership will explore new opportunities associated with esports and some of traditional challenges associated with gaming will be focused. The partners will explore to develop a research portfolio that will address issues such as injury motion and social concern around gaming.

UK will initiate an open platform for Kentucky high school, giving local teenagers a head start on careers in the global gaming ecosystems. Other programs will also develop gaming and esport content to serve UK’s public service, and charitable efforts including Gen.G’s player Wellness Campaign.

UK and Gen.G further leverage this partnership to develop specialized programming at university’s innovation lab, scheduled to be open in summer 2020 at the corner of Winslow and South Limestone. The Winslow site will host additional parking and retail spaces as well as hub for creativity and technology.

UK’s provost, Blackwell said, “We plan to be a leader not only in exploring the vast potential opportunities associated with esports and technology more broadly, but also the challenges posed to society. As well as a primary benefit of a partnership between a global leader and national research university is to explore in depth issues such as gender and racial equity as well as the need for more research around concerns that there are connections between gaming and societal violence.”

The University is committed to developing the leading university conference serving the gaming and esports ecosystems. The inaugural event, scheduled for spring 2020, will convene relevant thought and business leaders annually to explore the industry’s most pressing issues and facilitate the entry of UK students into tech-forward careers in gaming.



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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