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Peak Media Properties

Peak Media Properties Creates “Maker” Enthusiast Marketplace

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Promoting Fine Arts and Crafts digitally to engage markets with art lovers

Peak Media Properties LLC, an operating company backed by Macanta Investments LLC has recently acquired fine arts and crafts assets of F+W Media. After the acquisition, Peak Media Properties becomes a significant publisher in the burgeoning upscale crafting and fine arts categories. The business is focused to serve the “maker” enthusiast marketplace in print and digital formats.

Headquartered at Ft. Collins, Colorado, Peak Media Properties is a wide-national network of content, community, and commerce serving professionals, entrepreneurs, and serious amateurs active in the fine art and crafts communities.

Greg Osberg, CEO of Peak Media Properties, said, “Our titles, market positioning, and communities are strong, and we will build upon this strong foundation by engaging our loyal customers in new and exciting ways.”

Creating maker-focused environment:  

  • To date, Peak Media Properties has acquired more than 20 print and digital assets focused on quilting, knitting, sewing, sketching, painting, and illustration.
  • The company supports new ventures to leverage long-term relationships with advanced enthusiast customers in the expanding “maker market”.
  • It acquires key brands including The Quilting Company, Artists Magazine,,, and more.
  • It sees significant opportunities to scale through organic growth and acquisitions.
  • It helps to create communities full of arts and crafts- promotes arts full of consciousness and crafts to be filled with accurate calculations.
  • To expand the reach, the digital mediums help to reach maximum audiences through videos and podcasts. Along with highly engaging video content, they offer in-house custom creative services on every aspect of video production from inception to launch.

Terry O’Toole, Peak Media Properties founder and principal of Macanta Investments, said, “The opportunities in the special interest and enthusiast marketplace fit perfectly with the long tradition of editorial and publishing excellence inherent in these titles”.

 “We look forward to working with Greg and the Peak Media Properties team to grow a great company by bringing even greater value to the maker enthusiast marketplace.”



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