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Penn National Gaming, Inc. Recognized for Alcohol Education Program

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Training for Intervention ProcedureS Program empowers casino’s employees to intervene in alcohol-related situations

Health Communications, Inc. (HCI), the providers of the TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) Program, announced that Penn National Gaming, Inc. (“Penn National”) or the “Company”) has been selected as a recipient of the 2019 TIPS Award of Excellence. Recognized by Health Communication’s President & CEO, Adam Chafetz, TIPS Award of Excellence is given to organizations that are committed to preventing the misuse of alcohol in the communities. These organizations operate and promote responsible consumption by properly training employees in the TIPS program.

Why Penn National?

Among eleven awardees, Penn National has emerged uniquely for the community. While nine other companies received this 7th-year TIPS award in 2019, Penn National is one of only two recipients in the casino and gaming category. The Company contributes as the nation’s largest regional casino gaming operator with 41 properties in 19 jurisdictions and over 28,000 employees. All relevant Penn National team members, including but not limited to servers, table games and slot staff, security, valets, and supervisors, are certified in the TIPS for the Gaming program or other state-specific programs.

Since 2003, TIPS training has been received by nearly 40,000 employees and currently over 8,800 team members have active certifications, including 40 TIPS certified trainers. According to Mr. Chafetz, “Penn National has continually demonstrated a commitment to their guests and the communities where they reside.”

Penn National is committed to encouraging a responsible service environment and the TIPS program has been a valuable tool in helping Penn’s team members to build the skills necessary to meet this commitment to our communities.

The TIPS for Gaming program is tailored specifically for casinos. The primary and foremost goal of TIPS for Gaming is to build skills, instill confidence, and empower casino employees to intervene in alcohol-related situations and ensure that alcohol is sold responsibly and legally. Moreover, TIPS certified employees and managers are able to prevent sales to minors, recognize signs of intoxication, effectively intervene to prevent problem situations, and handle refusal situations with greater confidence.

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