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Psychology Research Paper

Guide on How to Write a Psychology Research Paper

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Writing a psychology research paper is a complex task that requires a few steps. The first step is the choice of the topic and in this article, we will tell you about the best ideas on which topic for your paper to choose. However, if you do not want to follow any steps and want to simply get your research paper done you can go to where the professional psychology paper writers will help you. On the other hand, if you decide to write a research paper on your own you are welcome to read on.

Possible Topics for Psychology Research Paper

Psychology is an extensive field which includes many different subfields and concepts. That is why students may be troubled about which field to explore and which topic for their psychology research paper to choose. That is why we will give you a quick overview of the fields of psychology which you can base your research on:

  • Developmental Psychology: this field of psychology is focused on the exploration of the development of humans across different developmental stages. For example, it may discover the intricacies of the development of young or older adults. Each of the stages is characterized by unique challenges people face. This field centers on the emotional and cognitive changes of humans across different developmental stages. That is why you might research one developmental stage and use the concepts of famous theorists to explain it. For example, Erikson is famous for explaining the intricacies of young adults’ behavior.
  • Clinical psychology: discovering and researching clinical psychology will be interesting to you if you want to find the reasons behind mental and behavioral disorders. Clinical psychology works on solving the issues of people who suffer from mental disorders so you can research specific disorders and the ways to treat them. If you want to focus on treatment you can research different treatment approaches used for specific disorders. Approaches may include counseling, psychotherapy, and others. You can research their efficacy in specific clinical situations.
  • Social Psychology: the behavior of people is influenced by various factors and society is one of them. Therefore the field of social psychology exists. It explores how the behavior of people changes when they are influenced by other people who surround them. Social psychology studies how people feel and what they think when other people are around them. That is why you can explore such topics as interpersonal communication and collaboration in groups. Social psychology also explores how cultural factors influence our behavior and communication with others.

You can use one of these subfields to explore. And since you have chosen a specific subfield you can start thinking about the topic which is connected to the issue of your interest. You can also go to this website if you want to look at the extensive list of possible topics for your psychology research paper.

What is Psychology Research Paper Outline

The outline of the paper is the plan which is needed to facilitate the writing process. In the outline, you should write down all the necessary key points which you should research in your paper. Outline what information will go to the introductory and what the body paragraphs should include. By relying on your outline you will be able to write more effectively because it will hint you in the right direction all the time.

What is Psychology Research Paper Structure

The research papers have different structures depending on the complexity of the paper. Some papers require the inclusion of such parts as methodology, discussion, and findings. Here you can see the structure of more complex psychology research papers. Other papers only demand the literature review and applying the theory to your research question. Therefore, the structure of your research paper will directly depend on the guidelines of your professor. However, the basic structure for the psychology research paper is an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

How to Come up with Psychology Research Paper Ideas

The first step before starting to work on your psychology research paper is to come up with an idea of what exactly you will research. While we already provided the ideas about subfields of psychology we can also give you a few tips on how to choose the idea for your paper:

  • Follow your interests: if you are studying at the psychology faculty you most probably have some area of interest. Conducting a research paper is a great chance to improve your knowledge in the subject of your interest. That is why you can choose any field of psychology and think about what interests you the most in it.
  • Review current literature: you should not start working on your research paper if you are not sure that there is enough relevant literature in the online libraries. For the research paper, you cannot use non-reliable sources such as websites and should only focus on peer-reviewed journals and books. That is why you should only start working on a specific topic if you see that there is enough recent literature on it.
  • Use course materials: course materials can become a great source of inspiration. Look through your textbooks, lectures, and notes to recollect what you have been working on with the professor. Try to remember which topics were the most interesting to you and are easier for you to explore. By having a basic understanding of the concepts you will explore, the research process will be much easier.

This way, the possible ideas will more likely be born in your head. Additionally, you can also try to ask your professor about the possible research topics and ask if the research topic of your choice is appropriate.



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