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PUBG Mobile Players

PUBG Mobile Players Can Contribute to COVID-19 Aid Simply by Running

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The more milestone they cover, the more money goes to the relief fund

PUBG players are often criticized for being isolated from family members and friends for hours. Now they don’t have to run away from those criticisms, at least for some days. The PUBG players can contribute towards COVID-19 aid simply by running in the game. PUBG Mobile has partnered with Direct Relief to fight the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by supplying medical aid to frontline healthcare workers. 

How players can help?

The ‘Play As One’ campaign under partnership encourages the 600 million players worldwide to team up and play for the same goal and brings a new in-game challenge a community fundraiser for individual players to support and participate in Direct relief’s COVID-19 response.

The new 0.18.0 update allows players to enjoy a new nordic themed map, Livik. Now, as they run around on this exclusive map or any map in the Classic Mode, PUBG Mobile players can make a contribution towards COVID-19 aid.

In a tweet, PUBG Mobile has announced that it is donating $1 million (about INR 7.5 crore) to Direct Relief. But that’s not all, the mobile game has also introduced the first in-game “Running Challenge For donation” event which will run from 15 to 28 July where players can boost this donation by sprinting on maps in Classic Mode.

A fast and effective running

In the Running Challenge, the more players play and cover distances in the game, the more money goes to the relief fund. The milestones covered by players will add one dollar to the $1 Million donation amount, so the more server milestones met the higher boost the donation amount will get.

Additionally, there is also a dedicated website where players of the community can donate directly. The donations made will go towards supporting Direct Relief’s emergency response to COVID-19 around the world.

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