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The software industry is continuously evolving and major innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. are striking in the market and becoming popular within less time. To keep up with the fast-paced world and master new technologies, there is a deep requirement for comprehensive education with practical training. However, with the given array of countless mentorship opportunities, students and learners find it difficult to decide on the appropriate choice of institution. In this scenario, QA (Quality Assurance) Mentor is the best choice for students and corporate companies for advanced training and mentorship programs in order to excel in the software industry.

Cost-effective Quality Frameworks

Founded in 2010, QA Mentor Inc. is a multi-award-winning organization, headquartered in New York. With the primary mission to establish cost-effective quality frameworks with the goal of facilitating the overall achievements of clients, the organization serves as a global leader in Software Quality Assurance and Testing space. Moreover, it believes in delivering high-quality and affordable solutions to maintain its own vibrant presence in the software world. 

Specialized Training

By advocating for and educating Quality Assurance professionals worldwide, QA Mentor provides a variety of courses along with training options. The organization is specialized in testing and software training. It provides the following listed programs:

  • 20 Different E-learning Courses
  • 25 Online Instructor-led Courses
  • 35 Corporate Training Courses

Additionally, QA Mentor serves 476 clients in 28 countries and supports application programs in 9 industries. The organization also provides specialized training in QA services through QA University. It supports workshops, seminars, and webinars as a part of training and to build personalized relationships with clients.

Exclusive Services

Along with excellent training courses, QA Mentor provides 25 different services in and around the Software QA domain. The organization is the one-stop shop for the comprehensive needs of students and offers 300 global Quality Assurance resources in 6 different countries in addition to 30 QA Testing Services. From subscriptions to on-demand services and in-depth training seminars, the organization is positioned to provide skills and information that are difficult to find in any books.

Building Critical Thinking

More than 15% of jobs worldwide are already tech-based and QA Mentor wants its students to possess skills in advanced techniques like artificial intelligence, machine, learning, chatbots, etc. The organization thrives to educate them in building robots based on critical and analytical thinking. Its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Courses prepare students for an automated future. These courses help them to improve their problem-solving capability and boost confidence and concentration skills. Moreover, the Genius Kids Zone program trains students (10 to 18 years old) in logic-building in order to construct intellectual capabilities for future career demands.

Making Students Future-ready

Along with the dedicated services and solutions, QA Mentor offers compulsive opportunities for students to make them ‘future ready’. The organization supports internship programs in order to gain practical experience and implement theoretical knowledge. It also provides certification exams for students to diversify their portfolios. The organization has also assigned instructors to practical assessments of students. While evaluating automation testing, development, and creation of performance testing, these instructors review the assignments of students on a personal level. 

A Proficient Leader

A dedicated and versatile leader is the cornerstone behind the success of an organization. Ruslan Desyatnikov (CEO and Founder of QA Mentor) is one of those exceptional leaders who harbored a unique approach toward leadership. He started his career 25 years ago as a junior tester. While switching from one organization to another, Ruslan served in a variety of positions like a manual tester, automation engineer, performance engineer, security engineer, and QA manager. Later, he stepped in as head of QA Mentor and testing services. Exploring his writing skills, he has written various articles about quality assurance and testing. They have been published in different magazines, including Forbes magazine, CIO Review magazine, etc. He is also a frequent blogger on LinkedIn and posts a lot of information about software training, testing, and development.

Optimum Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount for the success of QA Mentor and it aims to improve quality on a regular basis. The organization approaches every client more dedicatedly so that both can succeed together in the future. Its services include 50 different testing types and 32 quality software testing services that incorporate quality control in the field of performance testing, security testing, and automation testing for clients. Improving the efficiency of the software development process by upgrading skills is the aim of these excellent services. Exploring new customer requirements, the organization also arranges specialized services around robotics and automation.

Illuminative Way of Marketing

Globalization has exposed the software industry to adverse issues and one of them is the recession. Numerous companies are facing difficulties in coping with the customer base and the recession is impacting heavily since the demand-to-supply ratio of products and services has been frozen. Consequently, companies are launching lesser products and fewer number clients are actually approaching the projects in the proper manner.

To deal with the situation and reduce the impact of the recession on the software industry, Ruslan has raised innovative ideas and solutions. According to him, in such difficult times, the latest ways of marketing can help companies to reach out to the customer and increase their investment.

Awards and Recognition

For its dedicated efforts to uplift students and corporate companies and make them equipped for a prolonged and great career, QA Mentor has received awards and recognition at an international level. The acknowledgment at the global level demonstrates its deep commitment to clients, employees, fans, and supporters around the world. Moreover, QA Mentor participates in different trade shows and features in international magazines and publications. It has a large and ever-growing number of followers and readers who admire the information the company provides on quality assurance and testing.

Some notable awards and recognitions are:

  • Graduate Tester of the Year Award from The North American Software Testing & QE Awards
  • Testing Management Team of the Year for showing outstanding leadership
  • Most Promising RPA Companies of the Year 2021
  • Best Use of Technology in a Project Award for outstanding application of technology in a testing project
  • Top Application Testing Firms in New York
  • Management Team of the Year



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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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