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Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea: Promoting Sports Education and Participation with Comprehensive Education

Real Madrid Graduate School

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In the present scenario, academic experience imbibed with professional and career-oriented education is essential to secure a position within the global world. To cater to these latest requirements of the students, several educational institutes are offering a plethora of academic programs along with a wide range of career development opportunities to help students prepare for their career forefronts.

Providing students with holistic education, Real Madrid Graduate School–Universidad Europea–aims to shape leaders and professionals prepared to respond to the demands of a global world. It also aims to empower its students to add value to their professional fields and contribute to social progress with their entrepreneurial spirit and ethical values. Real Madrid Graduate School–Universidad Europea–was established in 2006 as a joint venture between Real Madrid C.F. and Universidad Europea (biggest private university in Spain). The School originally started with its Sports Management MBA. It currently has over 30 programs in different deliveries and covers all areas from the Sports Industries (Business, Communication, Marketing, Training and Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Sports Sciences, Sports Technologies, Law).

Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea has thousands of enrollments per year, collectively in the campus, online and international programs. The international view in the school is a key aspect developed during the years and currently, the school counts 70% of international students with diverse nationalities. Moreover, the school has developed international agreements with schools and universities from 10 different countries.

Comprehensive Academic Programs

Real Madrid Graduate School–Universidad Europea–offers the following range of academic programs.

  • MBA Master’s Degree in Sports Management:

A unique program that provides you the broadest possible view of the most successful business models in the sports industry worldwide. Led by internationally renowned professionals to give you first-hand experience.

  • Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing:

As the only official master’s program in its field in Spain, it thoroughly prepares students to become modern, creative professionals in the sports marketing industry by providing all the tools necessary to succeed.

  • Master’s Degree in Sports Journalism and Communications:

A comprehensive master’s degree that fully immerses students into sports journalism and helps them discover how it constantly adapts to the current media environment. All students will work closely from the day with Real Madrid C. F.’s Communication Department, assisting to all kinds of Sport events organized by the Club and learning how a professional sports entity Communication Dept works daily.

  • International Master in Sports Law, LLM:

Pioneering Master in Sports Law in Spain, it offers students a solid knowledge of the organization of sports, their rules and regulations, and their dispute resolution mechanisms.

  • Master in Sports Technologies and Digital Transformation:

This pioneering and unique master provides students with practical and in-depth knowledge of how to work with and make the most of the latest technologies used in sport while taking into account the importance of applying the right strategies to obtain the best possible performance from them, answering the need of professionals that the Sports Industry has nowadays.

  • International Master in Football Coaching and Management

It is the first professional football program that teaches the Spanish training methodology completely in English. It is one of the most comprehensive programs for professionals in the football industry and provides students with a 360º view of all key areas necessary to increase football players’ performances and, above all, make their projects successful.

  • Master’s Degree in Sports Training and Nutrition

It is the only official Master that covers training and sports nutrition in Spain and is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge of state-of-the-art training methods, trends in sports nutrition and aids for improving sports performance.

  • Master in Exercise and Sports Physiotherapy

It aims to provide physiotherapists with the skills and resources necessary to prevent and treat injuries as well as achieve rapid recoveries in injured athletes, all while being part of a multidisciplinary team.

  • Online Specialist Courses

It enables students to become an expert and lead the digital transformation in the sports sector.

Most of these programs are available in Spanish or English languages via in-class or online classes.

Pivoting Important Aspects

At the helm of Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea, Marisa Luisa Saenz Bravo spearheads the Chair as the Executive Director Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea. Marisa is an experienced MBA Director and is skilled in multicultural environments, sports management, and event management. She also upholds a demonstrated history of working in the global education management industry. Since the beginning, Marisa has been contributing to the profound growth and development of the university. She is entrusted with several important responsibilities.

Encouraging Sports Participation

Since the beginning, Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea is providing exposure to working for sports entities by allowing the students to work on real projects with real clients such as sports entities and high-performance athletes. They are subjected to executives and professionals from the industry that trains them to assume a real job position from the day they graduate. The school also has over 200 professional agreements for professional internships under which students are allowed to sign internship agreements till six months after finishing their master’s so they can leverage several opportunities.

Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea encourages its students to participate in various extra-curricular activities in several ways. Students are invited to participate in several professional events and forums. The school organizes its White Week where several top executives from top-tier sports entities along with professional athletes are invited to the school for sharing their experiences and knowledge with the students.

Throughout the year, Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea also encourages its students to participate in events and forums where they can meet professionals from their field and improve their professional work. The school also has agreements with various platforms where students can seek job positions after graduation. Most essentially, the school is also approached by various sports entities’ future professionals providing them exclusive professional opportunities.

Promoting Diversity on Campus

Along with comprehensive education and career opportunities, Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea vastly promotes diversity on its campus and its curriculum. The school is composed 70% of international students. Amongst the students and professors, the school constitutes more than 50 nationalities in its classes. This international entourage enables the students’ professional as well as personal growth. Moreover, various programs of Real Madrid Graduate School propose international field trips to the students where they can meet professionals and executives from top-tier sports entities such as NBA, NFL, FIFA, UEFA, and others.

Incorporating New Technologies

Real Madrid Graduate School–Universidad Europea–is supported by two of the most innovative institutions in their fields. Named as the second most innovative Football Club by Forbes in 2021, the school’s Football Club is one of the most transformed clubs worldwide. It allows students to work directly with the latest technologies and trends and learn from professionals working with cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, the Universidad Europea has cutting-edge facilities that provide new technologies in various fields, from finance to sports sciences, to all the students. These include a fully renewed Sports complex with fields, gym, labs, and others with the latest technologies.

Besides providing technology to its students, Real Madrid Graduate School- Universidad Europea is also regularly developing new programs based on the new technologies applied to the sports industry. These include the school’s Master in Sport Technologies and Digital Transformation to all the new specialization courses based on new technologies such as AI applied to Physiotherapy or Sports Business.

Encompassing through Hurdles

The COVID-19 pandemic had a severe impact on the education sector. However, Real Madrid Graduate School- Universidad Europea adapted fast to the changes—within a couple of weeks after the closing of the whole country—and offered remote courses to its students. The school installed a system that allows students to follow courses from home with a classroom experience.

Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea successfully encompassed the challenges induced by the global pandemic and strives for a proliferative future. Currently, the school is surpassing its enrollment record and has also witnessed an exceptional growth of its online programs.

Real Madrid Graduate School

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