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Bionic Eye

Researchers Close to Creating World’s First Human Bionic Eye

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Gennaris, a vision restoration device

There’s no doubt that the world today looks very different than it did 30 years ago. Today, we wake up with the Internet and open a portal to a new universe ruled by technology. It’s changed incredibly fast. Some might argue that it’s changing too fast but we have bad news for them, it’s going to keep changing faster and faster to the point where soon we might not know what universe we’re even in anymore.

Restoring vision

Some parts of that universe are disturbing but other parts are a sight for sore eyes like this little story. According to a report in TechCrunch, a team of scientists at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia is preparing to implant the world’s first human bionic eye, which they say can restore a vision to the blind. It’s called the “Gennaris bionic vision system”, which is basically the guts of a smartphone combined with the microelectrodes implanted in the brain.

The person using the system gets the implant and then wears a piece of headgear, which includes a camera and a wireless transmitter. A processor crunches the data it receives from the camera and the implant delivers corresponding signals to the brain’s vision center and the process enables the person to see.

Not the only one

The scientists say the same system can be used to treat paralysis as well as blindness too. They further said that they have been working on the system for 10 years and are now ready to go. When the human trials will start is still unknown but they have completed successful trials in three sheeps in July. Now they’re hoping to raise money so that they can conduct human trials globally.

Of course, even though they’re claiming to be the world’s first bionic eye, they aren’t the only ones working on such a system, which melds humans with technology. Elon Musk’s Neuralink is doing much the same and recently conducted successful trials on pigs. And other scientists at other universities have similar systems in the works too. No matter who claims to be the first there’s no doubt that this meld is coming.

Soon our earthly universe will be interconnected with the digital one we recently opened up and the more it happens the faster it will keep happening. Today, we have bionic eyes tomorrow the human species has become light sails zooming across the universe, opening portals everywhere it goes.

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