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Responsible Behaviour

How Pro Athletes Can Educate College Teams on Promoting Responsible Behaviour

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Betting has for decades been strongly interconnected with sport: the first mentions of this entertainment were found thousands of years ago. In 2024, making predictions on match outcomes is widespread, as the appearance of online bookmakers accelerated the industry’s accessibility and increased user excitement. Gambling companies promote their platforms in numerous ways and engaging famous athletes is among the main strategies. Many sports teams collaborate with online bookies and advertise their services.

At the same time, the discussions of responsible gambling are now on the rise. Reliable online sportsbooks comply with multiple requirements concerning fairness and transparency of their services. But Curacao-licensed bookmakers that may be reliable and reputable provide only internal self-exclusion tools, which might not be enough.  At the same time, professional athletes in socially responsible ads can encourage viewers to choose a healthy approach to betting. Less-known teams can follow the example of worldwide-famous teams and also provide them with more details on healthy gambling habits.

Importance of Responsibility for Sports Fans

Sports betting, as well as playing in online casinos, is by definition risky. Users engaging in the activity can face significant losses and must be able to control themselves in online sportsbooks. UKGC-licensed platforms are covered by GamStop self-exclusion, which analyzes user activities and restricts access to gambling and betting sites when noticing the first signs of compulsive behaviours.

However, these bookmakers usually have plenty of limitations, and many punters prefer to avoid them. Instead, they take advantage of sports sites for betting without GamStop that offer generous bonuses, a broader choice of payment options, and higher withdrawal limits. Moreover, users don’t get the risk of being blocked from their favourite entertainment.

Lack of self-exclusion significantly increases the possibility of betting-related disorders. Therefore, those engaged in the industry should be educated about appropriate behaviours and actions to prevent compulsive gambling. Moreover, GamStop provides users with further guidance on reaching appropriate helplines and support groups to cope with the disease.

Engaging in Socially Responsible Promotional Campaigns

People tend to follow their icons’ example, so it’s not surprising that celebrities are often seen in betting ads. Bookmakers skilfully manipulate user psychology, encouraging them to join a particular platform and make a bet. However, casino and sportsbook ads require operators to comply with particular rules, and adding socially responsible notifications is among them.

On the other hand, some sports clubs and leagues create initiatives themselves. For instance, the NFL Players Association launched a responsible gambling program in 2021. One of its principles is that active NFL players cannot place bets on any matches in the league. Moreover, players are regularly informed about the consequences of problem gambling. 

Football fans follow the example of their icons and limit betting activities. Such an approach can become a guide for college teams – even though they are not as popular as the leading sports clubs, many of them are still available on betting platforms. Have a look at other principles that they can implement to motivate users to gamble responsibly and stick to their budget limits.

Impact of College Sports Wagering on Students

According to an NCAA survey, more than half of college students aged 18-22 are engaged in betting. They aim to support their local lesser-known teams and win some money from bookmakers. At the same time, compulsive gaming habits targeted approximately 16% of the surveyed individuals. The figure is alarming, so sports teams should consider the experience of professional athletes and inform match visitors of possible harmful consequences.

Increasing Awareness of Self-Exclusion Opportunities

While many people tend to avoid GamStop, it’s still one of the most efficient tools in coping with addictive behaviours. Users are blocked from online sportsbooks for a period from six months to five years, which gives problem punters time to access support groups and treatment. After the term ends, bettors can return to online bookmakers and place bets on their favourite college team but will receive notifications on responsible gambling.

Avoiding Collaborations with Bookmakers

Some countries, including Italy, have already prohibited collaborations between sports teams and betting operators. Even though such an approach leads to under-financing for clubs, it can significantly reduce the number of addicts. Potential punters don’t see betting advertisements, which leads to a lower temptation of placing a bet during the anticipated match.

Partnering with Responsible Gaming Organizations

Collaborations with non-profit companies that help people cope with compulsive disorders can help college teams increase their fans’ awareness of potential problems. These organizations provide tips on avoiding betting disorders and educate how to bet responsibly by planning budgets and limiting time in online sportsbooks.

Final Insight

Professional athletes play a crucial role in promoting healthy betting behaviours and engage in socially responsible ads to inform users of possible negative consequences of uncontrolled activities. College students are often targeted by gambling-related disorders and require immediate treatment. Preventing the problem is easier than passing through long-lasting therapies, so college sports teams need to consider the example of their pro colleagues and be socially responsible.

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