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University Of Michigan

New Scholarship Program at the University of Michigan Changes Admission Perceptions

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College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) initiative encourages an inclusive college environment

There is a need to make college more accessible, affordable, and inclusive for all students. Specifically, first-generation students come from rural or under-resourced communities, and/or have financial needs. These barriers are often heard from the students of Upper Peninsula that have hesitated to apply to the University Of Michigan due to the distance, perceived cultural differences, and financial crises.

As part of a groundbreaking effort among higher education institutions statewide, the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) is launching a new cohort-based scholarship program for students from the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) who are considering attending the University of Michigan.

Cheyenne Marlin, Assistant Director of the U.P. Scholars Program, said, “Our goal with this program is to change those perceptions and address these challenges. We want all students to have access to all of the resources and opportunities available to them so they can thrive here.”

Breaking traditional enrollment misconceptions

There are currently more than 100 students in LSA from the U.P., and approximately 230 students total at U-M. LSA with U.P. Scholars Program is committed to increasing access for students from across the state of Michigan, and the U.P. Scholars Program is our latest effort to do just that.

  • The U.P. Scholars Program aims to provide wrap-around financial, academic, professional, and social support for students. The inaugural cohort will start in fall 2020.
  • The U.P. Scholars Program will create a home away from home in Ann Arbor for students from the Upper Peninsula and provide them with mentorship, guidance, financial support, and a strong, close-knit community to bolster their success at University Of Michigan.
  • In addition to financial support for tuition and other expenses, the program will offer students peer mentorship, career and academic guidance from professional staff, and a strong cohort of fellow students.
  • The U.P. Scholars Program sets out to increase those numbers and bring more students from the region to Ann Arbor.
  • The initiative is also designed to break down some of the obstacles students face and misconceptions they may have about campus life at University Of Michigan.
  • The U.P. Scholars Program was made possible by a gift from a private donor. The program’s design is based on the LSA Kessler Presidential Scholars Program, which has become a national model for innovative scholarship support for first-generation students.

The selection process for scholars

The first cohort column for U.P. Scholars will be selected from among newly admitted U-M students based on financial need, academic and personal achievement, leadership qualities, and commitment to service.

The program is currently working with high schools in the U.P. to raise awareness about the program, and LSA staff will travel to Houghton and Marquette on Sept. 29-30, to meet with prospective students, parents, and school administrators who want to learn more about the U.P. Scholars Program.

The U.P. Scholars Program is just one of many programs offered through LSA to enhance student success. Other programs and initiatives include the Comprehensive Studies Program, Kessler Scholars Program, Opportunity Hub, and Passport Scholarship Program.



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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