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COVID-19 Pandemic Upsurge

Students Appeal for Change as COVID-19 Pandemic Upsurge

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A recent survey from Salesforce has revealed some insightful findings from the students around the world. The survey reveals a wide trust gap between various stakeholders, as 48% students report the pandemic has a deficit of trust with leaders of higher education. Students largely agreed that making pandemic response more transparent is essential to bridge the trust.

The pandemic also brought about a sea of change in education plans for many students. 6 in 10 students reported that they will alter their career path, as a result of the pandemic. Moreover, financial constraints also forced many to delay their education plans, or ask for more financial aid. Hence, this can be an ideal time for universities to talk about their employment numbers. Around 40% of students also report positive response from universities. They believe their university is offering them more help for finding an internship, and job opportunities post COVID-19 pandemic.

The good news for universities is most students agreed that leaders often acted in good faith. However, their lack of trust also comes from their increased vulnerability to the on-going pandemic. The need for more communication will also lead to more opportunities for students and educators in the near future. For example, students appeal for more career-oriented courses as concerns for employment are also on the rise. 77% of students also report that they would like to receive personalized messages from university as they may feel alone in their journey to success.

Virtual Communication

This is an important shift for educators to watch out for. Virtual learning has never been the go-to model for educators worldwide. The pandemic has forced major changes in a short timeframe. However, despite the sweeping changes, the students feel quite optimistic about virtual learning. Over 32% of students rely on expertise of online communities to prepare them better. Moreover, the 30% rely on these to connect with other students, and only 29% of them use it as an opportunity to connect with instructors.

The students also responded positively in-relation to their career preparations. 81% agreed that their university was preparing them well to achieve their career goals. Furthermore, the pandemic has brought a little bit of panic, and anxiety among students. Many students feel they must focus on getting an employable education in the near future. 60% expressed concerns about their employment prospects after graduation, thanks to worsening economic conditions. The worldwide survey highlighted similar concerns across the world; with French students leading with 70%, and students from Spain came distant second at 77%.

It is important for universities to take an immediate note of the pandemic, and student’s concerns for safety. A quarter of currently enrolled students note that they will switch universities if the pandemic is not handled in a responsible manner. Moreover, nearly 24% may switch universities that better mirrors their academic goals.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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