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Symbiosis International University: Promoting International Understanding through Quality Education

Symbiosis International University

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Higher education now serves changed stakeholder needs and student expectations. Technology, social-political-economic and climate challenges faced by the world have led to innovation in higher education and the need for lifelong learning. The need of quality higher education increases because of huge changes and uncertainties happening around in social and professional lives. Addressing these similar issues, Symbiosis International University is continuously involved in building innovative technologies in teaching, learning and evaluation process with further promoting enhanced research and innovation and also empowering students to become future entrepreneurs.

Established in Pune in 1971, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) is a multi-disciplinary university offering students and faculty a vibrant learning ecosystem designed around its multi-culture and innovative ethos. With an aim to provide quality education throughout the country, it has 43 institutions at Pune, Nashik, Bengalure, NODIA, Hyderabad and Nagpur offering bachelor to doctoral programmes in Law, Management, Computer Studies, Health and Biological Sciences, Media & Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences, Engineering and Architecture & Design. The University is a pioneer in liberal arts education and has a strong School for Liberal Arts with departments in languages, literature, music, philosophy, Indology, art, dance, theatre, education, anthropology, political science, international relations, film studies, etc.

Award Winning Education Quality

Understanding the drastic changes in both human lifestyle and business scenario, SIU doesn’t prepare students for a specific job rather it allows students to leverage their learning to synergies with other communities and teams. Symbiosis offers India’s pioneering 4 year honors programme and it also offers students with various opportunities to study courses of liberal arts. It collaborates with eminent universities and industry/NGO partners to constantly review their academic content and delivery. Moreover, the state of the art facilities and technology in its teaching, learning, pastoral and research is valued by many employers who visit campus to place. A Symbiosis education translates into a well-adjusted employee/entrepreneur based on this education.

Symbiosis values student’s time spent in classrooms/labs/libraries and campus and helps them to translates positively into development of the critical 21st century skills required today. Furthermore, the program provides a unique edge by focusing on 360° critical thinking and innovation design thinking. For its innovative programs and education quality, SIU is awarded the Category-I status by the UGC, 3.58 on 4 by NAAC, ranked 56 in the Universities Category of NIRF 2019, 109 in BRICS QS World ranking, and the only Indian university to have received the Asia Pacific Quality Label. Furthermore, its management, law and media institutes are ranked among the top 10 in India.

Holistic Education Provider

Symbiosis students value the holistic education they receive in class and out of it due to the strong belief they have in the university’s review system that audits and vets courses against criteria. Students appreciate the focus on co/extra curriculars, on line/digital, and experiential learning that is an integral part of the learning ecosystem at Symbiosis. Students acknowledge the fact that their inputs to course feedback is taken seriously by faculty. Symbiosis enables students with ample opportunities such as internships, placement, and career growth in all sectors and also adds a sense of validation.

SIU believes in providing enhanced quality education where the need for education is critical due to the huge changes and uncertainties that we face in the personal, social and professional lives. The impact of technology and the increasing competition coupled with personal stresses, will mean that only the ‘fittest’ will succeed. The program is developed in such a manner that students adopt in any condition whether in the corporate world or a small rural entrepreneurial set up, the need to think logically and be able to adapt and adopt will be critical.

Contributor to Higher Education and Internationalization

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar is Principal Director of Symbiosis Society, which encompasses the Symbiosis schools, the College of Arts & Commerce, and Pro chancellor of Symbiosis International University. She holds a post graduate degree in Medicine, a degree in Law, and Ph.D. in ‘Internationalisation of Higher Education in India’ which makes it easy for her to focus on multi and interdisciplinarity as being a key to all the programmes. As Executive Director of the Centre for International Education, she is committed to promoting internationalization and carrying forward the vision of her father and his commitment to ‘Vasudhaiva Kuttumbakam’.

As the Chairperson of the FICCI Committee on Higher Education, member of the India Brand Equity Foundation Trust and member of the Central Governing Council of Services Export Promotion Council and other such bodies, Dr. Vidya says, “I am able to contribute to national policy on higher education and on internationalization specifically. I am happy that my commitment has been recognized and I am contributing my bit to building India as a quality higher education destination.” Education transforms lives of not just individuals but also of their families. She believes that the teacher is more of a facilitator who gives knowledge that is applied to problems of society. Moreover, the area of interest may vary depending upon students to students and to motivate their interests.

Building the Next phase of the Growth

A teacher/university is only as good as the students are. The vision and goals rely heavily on the ability to engage with students who are equally committed to their own personal and professional growth. SIU seeks to offer an education that is not only relevant and future-focused, but also participative and interactive. Its research centres, classrooms, projects, technological interventions, entrepreneurial workshops, community engagement, innovative pedagogies, etc. all require students who are academically ambitious, ready to learn actively, committed to learning how to learn and prepared to invest of themselves fully while they are at college. The university takes efforts to select students who will embrace its initiatives and leverage resources provided to them to make the world a better place.

The process of selection process includes national eligibility tests (SNAP/SET/PET) and this selection processes provide the first filter. Admissions of international students are centralized for all the constituent institutes of Symbiosis International (Deemed University) and are routed through the Symbiosis Center for International Education (SCIE). The admission procedure for foreign students is designed while considering the requirements and difficulties faced by every individual. The online admission procedure has made it accessible to each and every student to apply from different parts of the world and in the comfort of their homes.

SIU is looking forward to the next phase of its growth; it is continuously building innovative technologies in the teaching learning and evaluation process, enhancing research, encouraging innovation, empowering students to become entrepreneurs, and offers a holistic environment as a Health Promoting University. The Symbiosis University and Hospital Research Centre (300 bedded charity hospital) offers free medical treatment to the needy and the Symbiosis Medical College for Women will commence in 2020. The University is a melting pot as it is a home-away-from home for students from all states of India and 85 countries.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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