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Fischer-Shain Center

Temple University’s Fox School of Business Announces Fischer-Shain Center to Create Opportunities

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The Center creates fund on the program for students to empower them to enter the market

The largest, most comprehensive business school in the Philadelphia region, Temple University’s Fox School of Business is opening a new academic program the Fischer-Shain Center for students interested in banking that will create scholarship opportunities, a case study competition and new research opportunities following an endowment by John Shain, BBA ’73, chair of the school’s board of visitors. The Fischer-Shain Center for Financial Services opened on 29th April, in Alter Hall at the University’s Main Campus with a formal ribbon-cutting involving members of the finance department, Shain and his wife, Melanie, and Janice Fischer, widow of Gerald Fischer, a long-time finance professor at the business school. Alyson Fischer-Amsterdam, Janice and Gerald Fischer’s daughter, and other family members were also present at the event.

How the program will approach?

The center will fund a concentration on financial services for finance majors, engage speakers and conference participants from the industry and establish a regional and national network in the financial service market. With more than 9,000 students, 220 full-time faculty, about half of all Fox School undergraduate students majoring in finance work in the financial services industry. The center will empower them to enter the market with classwork, programs, and events centered on the financial services sector. In addition to research, the endowment funds a financial services advisory board to serve as an interface between industry professionals and students and alumni, and help to evolve the curriculum to match the changes in the industry. The program will also partner with the Conference of State Banking Supervisors to create a community banking case study that gives students an experiential learning component and a networking opportunity. John Shain said, “My hope is that we can create academic programming across the whole Philadelphia region for the banking industry.” “This will get our students prepared so they can start their careers with certification, training and with experienced skills to enter the financial services marketplace”, he assured. Jonathan Scott, chair of the Fox School’s Department of Finance said, “The center will benefit our students as they look to further their careers in financial services, but it will do much more than that.” “The center will provide an opportunity for faculty at the Fox School to conduct innovative, thoughtful research that will inform the financial services industry and the business world”, he added.
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