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Texas A&M University Introduces Aggie ACHIVE Course to Help Students Build a Great Career

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Texas A&M University comes up with the first in its class course named Aggie ACHIVE(Academic Courses in Higher Inclusive Education and Vocational Experience). It is a distinctive course for students who have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).  It is a small but good start in the field of education which meant to help special learners.It is a four-year course, which will enhance their knowledge and skills which are essential to get a job. The school will provide an opportunity for students from different states to take part in special classes and work in a variety of clubs and organizations. The creator of the course, Assistant Professor of Special Education at Texas A&M, Dr. Carly Gilson said, this program is intended to give accurate knowledge and experience of the job to enhance their skill and strengthen their belief that they can go out and work in the society like anybody else

Initial Induction only from Texas

The first batch will include four students from Texas only, who will get the certification from the program. The selected students will live in the facility of the University; take part in different activities, including inspecting accounting processes, attend seminars on career and self-reliant lifestyle. After that, they have to complete the internship in their respective fields.The Expert professor of the university will work in sync with the parents and the students to customize the program according to the needs of individuals. The new entrants will be paired with an experienced student; it will help the newer students to get settled in their newer surroundings.The University of Texas has also announced post-secondary courses for students without a disability who have a high school diploma and are above the age of 18. It will span over three semesters and will cover courses that will help in career building.Aggie ACHIVE is determined to forge a strong relationship with the students with IDD and provide a base where these kids can lay a foundation for a better future. The program is a great initiative and holds lots of promise for students with or without IDD, hopes it reaches a definitive conclusion.
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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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