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TikTok Tutor

16-Year-Old “TikTok Tutor” Winning Hearts For Teaching Math Amid COVID-19 Quarantine

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Students from different countries are appreciating for his effective teaching style

It was a time when TikTok was viewed as an app that motivates teens to commit senseless actions for no reason. Even today while the whole world is facing the COVID-19 quarantine, many people think TikTok is an unnecessary app that has no purpose to serve. However, its unfiltered but effective contents have been seen more during these few months of lockdown. Then we have a 16-year-old Bronx teen, Alexis Loveraz, who has been taken the world of TikTok by storm.

Not for the reasons, you might assume but Alexis is using the platform to tutor students in math. Loveraz is a student from Harlem Prep High School, aces his math exams with an average of 4.0. He recently joined TikTok to tutor other students on chemistry, geometry, algebra, and even the SATs. With his hard work, he earned a following of 660,000 and counting. Simply put, he’s making the new generation proud by turning himself into the “TikTok Tutor”.

TikTok Tutor Goes Viral For Good

Alexis is winning hearts everywhere for teaching the tough subjects with ease. Many of his online same-age students claim that his teaching style is even better than their school teachers. With 2.3 million likes on the platform, he has set TikTok potentially as a useful and rewarding platform.

Millions of students are home from school, struggling to complete the academic syllabus. CBSNewYork has reported that Loveraz took it upon to help others after being encouraged by his friends.

“I was, like, really shocked. Things that they probably forgot like before COVID-19, this is like a refresher of what I’m, like, giving them out. It’s really cool because they understand it even better the way I’m explaining it to them,” Loveraz told in an interview with CBS2.

Loveraz’s content is being watched not just by citizens of the U.S., but also Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the Philippines. His popularity is also being recognized by Google Classrooms.

Since Alexis Loveraz’s fame as the TikTok tutor has gone global, his mother, Likmilian Hiciano could not hide her excitement. In the interview, she said that she was super proud of Alexis for using TikTok to educate others.

TikTok has faced some harsh criticism in recent times for being a platform that discourages teens in many ways. Loveraz is surely a redeeming factor and an idol to be followed.



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