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top museum visits

Top 5 Museum-Visits you should add to your bucket list

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Given the current situation, several museums are temporarily closed. Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is utilizing this time to bring the masterpieces of Gogh to life through scent. The museum has partnered with British brand Floral Street to develop a line of scents inspired by the artist’s several masterpieces.

Museums have experimented with scent before too. In 2015, Van Gogh Museum organized “Feeling Van Gogh,” which was an interactive exhibition for the blind that included olfactory elements. Apart from this, Louvre created eight perfumes inspired by some of its masterpieces in 2019, Odeuropa received $3.4 million in E.U. funding to create the first “Smell Museum” to recreate historic smells, and Mauritshuis in The Hague is currently hosting an exhibition in which visitors can smell some of its artworks. But, nothing can surpass the smell of Vincent Van Gogh’s almond blossom.

Museums have already been one of the biggest tourist attractions. Today, these museums are utilizing innovative initiatives to further augment the popularity of the museum. So, as soon as we return to normalcy,

here are the 5 best museum visits you should add to the bucket list:

1. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

top museum visits

This museum can be termed as paradise itself. The reason being the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh in the world, and also because these paintings also narrate the tragic life story of every artwork displayed through letters, Vincent wrote to his brother Theo. You will find the most seasoned work at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, displaying —” Sunflower,” “Almond Blossoms” and “The Potato Ears.” If the visit can’t wait, they are currently offering virtual tours for the fans of the artist.

2. Museum of Failures, Helsingborg

Top Museum Visits

As we have glorified inventions throughout the decades, we tend to forget the infamous failures that led to that success. Different from informing about the Newton’s Apple theory, or Coco Cola’s coffee-drink, in 2017, curator Samuel West established the one of its kind—the Museum of Failures. It displays several infamous corporate failures across the world and underlines an important lesson–learn from your failures.

3. The Boat Museum, Kolkata

Wooden Sailboats

India is known for its rich culture and heritage. Bengal was once hailed as the home of shipbuilding in India. In an attempt to preserve the 6th century Bengal’s maritime history, Boat Museum was established. It is located in the northeast of Kolkata and displays 46 types of the 150 wooden sailboats native to West Bengal and Bangladesh, including the remodeling of Rabindranath Tagore’s Padma. These models are crafted by the Rajbanshis of Dakshin Dinajpur. The handcrafted models are made of high-quality teak wood.

4. Coffee Museum, Dubai

Arabic coffee

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, Dubai’s Coffee Museum will be a paradise for you. Located in the Al-Bastakiya neighborhood, this museum is the first of its kind in the Middle East. Coffee Museum displays numerous Arabic coffee implements, also, you will spot a massive iron griddle called al mehmas used for roasting beans and a mortar and pestle for grinding known as al menhas. In the central courtyard lays the six-foot-tall, custom-built Egyptian coffee machine, which might also look like a small throne attached to the wall. Visitors can also enjoy the cardamom-infused Ethiopian coffee while strolling through small but varied collections of vintage European coffee tins, Yemeni clay pots, and Turkish coffee bean roasters with folding handles.

5. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), New York

MoMa New York

The Museum of Modern Art is hailed as the world’s largest curator of modern art. This museum is home to the most priceless paintings like Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ and Pablo Picasso’s ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’. In 2019, the MoMa underwent an exquisite renovation, expanding to 40,000 square feet of extra space. The museum visit will be a treat to your eyes. For the art-overs and enthusiasts, the museum is open for virtual tours every Thursday, you can stroll through the vivid collection from the comfort of your home.

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