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Empowers Coaching Centers

TCY Empowers Coaching Centers with AI for Better Student Results

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Monitors knowledge state and assigns personalized practice on weak areas

While the COVID-19 pandemic forced the entire coaching industry to consider hybrid models to stay relevant,  most coaching centers are still clueless about how to approach it. Just at this juncture, TCYonline, an AI-driven edtech platform, lent many such centers a helping hand by onboarding them to its platform. Being a pioneer in edtech analytics since 2008, TCYonline has been steadily working-contributing to student success.

TCYonline’s unique strength of integrating books, classroom tutorials, and remedial assessments through the mobile app works like a wonder and will take many academic cycles to perfect.

Already running more than 1,000 third-party coaching centers in India and 50 abroad, the company plans to add over 20,000 centers in the next four years. TCY equips them all with three main pillars to run a successful coaching center:

  1. a) Integrated online and offline academic resources
  2. b) ERP for day to day operations
  3. c) Students (read business)

TCYonline observed that given the current trends, three types of coaching centers have tied up with the edtech firm.

Already in business but lacked online experience:

The company helped them serve existing students and now it is helping them with new enrolments from their nearby areas and beyond.

Already using online delivery:

With the platform connecting them with the demand from all over the country, this segment saw the highest growth. Many even widened their product portfolio through the platform.

Launching new business:

a) Some weekend warriors from the corporate world finally struck on their own, owing to a hugely-reduced risk. Customers on the platter and no physical set up required, thanks to restrictions placed by the government.

b) Fresh entrants into the employment market who are either finding it difficult to find jobs or their joining dates are unforeseeable. They find the company a Shopify-equivalent that also brings in customers.

Such a huge growth is possible only when there’s a significant value for stakeholders underneath: teachers, learners, and center owners.

Here’s a look at the different stakeholders that TCY brings in with its common platform:


Everything in the education game revolves around the teacher.

What if a teacher knows the expected learning outcomes, knowledge gaps, remedial actions?

What if he/she has standardized classroom tutorials & books that are integrated with online assessments & mock tests?

What if he/she gets automatically-formed extra batches, personal trainer tools for students like Test Generator, and multi-student competition tool like Challenge Zone?

A teacher with the TCY platform sleeps with no anxiety as AI makes any awkward questioning by students, parents, and seniors almost zero. With the platform being a true 24×7 assistant to them, they feel no less than a super-specialist doctor.


TCY mobile app is the connecting link between the student, teacher, and curriculum resources. The AI systems working at the backend continuously monitor his/her knowledge state and assign personalized practice on weak areas. While using the book, the learner can access additional practice & solutions through the embedded barcodes.

Study Planner, a popular AI tool, helps them practice in a personalized as well as an adaptive environment. Students joining at the college test-prep stage feel that their peers who joined the platform early in their school days enjoy a greater advantage because the AI understands their unique learning needs at a greater depth. While the tool TCY Proficiency Index (TPI) quietly captures competencies at the backend for both, the latter also experience better career mapping through a tool called Career Sense.

Coaching center owner

TCYonline’s unique remedial methodology, rubric-based scoring, AI-driven writing evaluation is a great hit with the students. The company’s English language teaching programs like PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL have been embraced at centers even in Australia & New Zealand where the native language itself is English, and more centers in different countries are thriving.

“Our first center filled up so fast that it gave us the confidence to open six branches one after the other,” says Veenu Garg of Competition Academy.

“We are scaling up our curation team. Like any other successful multi-sided platform, it’s important not to allow any non-serious participant which may ruin the experience of many learners,” says Mukta Gogia from the B2B sales team of TCY.



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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