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University of North Alabama’s Sanders College of Business and Technology: Fostering Academic Excellence and Global Leadership in Business Education


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The University of North Alabama’s Sanders College of Business and Technology offers a diverse range of online and on-campus degree programs in business education. The College, renowned nationally for its top-ranked MBA concentrations, empowers undergraduates and working professionals to achieve their educational aspirations. It delivers high-quality education that is accessible and affordable for the dynamic needs of working adults.

In 2004, the College launched the online MBA program, a transformative initiative that aligned with the institution’s commitment to leadership in business education. This forward-looking approach made the UNA MBA program the largest MBA program in Alabama for seven consecutive years. This achievement reflects the institution’s academic excellence and its pledge to provide quality education at an affordable scale, equipping students to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape.

The College provides experiential learning opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. It helps students build practical knowledge and skills. The academic programs offered by the Sanders College of Business and Technology ensure a vibrant and engaging learning experience. The College shapes future leaders and fosters success and innovation in business and technology.

A Commitment to Excellence in Business Education

Sanders College of Business and Technology offers a diverse range of online and on-campus undergraduate and graduate programs. The online MBA program, which has ten concentrations, including the new options of Data Analytics and Sales/New Business Development, is especially noteworthy. This flexibility allows individuals to tailor their education to their career goals. Moreover, the college has AACSB Accreditation, which puts it in the top 5% of global business schools. This prestigious accreditation demonstrates the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and sets it apart in the competitive educational landscape.

In addition, the College focuses on the needs of working adults. It delivers a program that meets high academic standards and the practical requirements of the real world. Consequently, the college stays responsive to market dynamics and student needs, making it a leader in providing quality business education.

Transformative Leadership in Business Education

Dr. Gregory Carnes, a nationally recognized Accounting Professor, has been the Dean of the Sanders College for eleven years. He leads with assurance and pride in the college’s programs, especially the MBA program. Under his guidance, the MBA program at UNA has transformed the careers of thousands of alumni by facilitating career advancements and transitions. He emphasizes flexibility through online programs and delivers significant value to students, showing his commitment to adaptability and excellence.

As a result, the alumni are highly satisfied with the college’s dedication to prioritizing students. Dr. Carnes ensures that the College provides the knowledge and skills essential for success in an ever-evolving business landscape. He is committed to individual student growth, a dedicated faculty, and a robust curriculum, exemplifying his vision for preparing graduates to excel in their professional journeys, whether online or on campus.

Commitment to Individualized Learning

Sanders College is committed to individualized attention, as shown by a notable student-teacher ratio. Full-time faculties, who have expertise and dedication, lead most online courses. Additionally, most professors have teaching assistants who all have MBA degrees. This collaborative model helps faculty members lead and teach courses effectively. It also ensures that teaching assistants foster communication and address student queries promptly.

Furthermore, the institute provides personalized attention with full-time faculty and teaching assistants. This dual approach creates a learning environment where each student can receive individualized assistance. It fosters a more engaging and supportive educational experience.

Inclusive Admissions Criteria and Streamlined Process

The institute’s MBA admissions criteria are accessible. They require a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with a minimum GPA of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale. There is no GMAT requirement, which streamlines the application process and makes it more inclusive for diverse candidates.

Moreover, the institute offers numerous financial aid opportunities beyond traditional admissions. These include various scholarships, such as the New Start Scholarship, which gives newly enrolled online students their first course for free. Also, multiple Endowed Scholarships, the Alumni Scholarship, and the Military Heroes Scholarship show the institute’s commitment to supporting graduate students.

Specifically, the Military Heroes Scholarship provides a 33% tuition discount for active duty or veterans of the U.S. Military and their spouses. It shows the institute’s dedication to recognizing and honoring military personnel.

Enriching Education through Experiential Learning and Global Opportunities

Sanders College emphasizes experiential learning, offering a rich array of extra-curricular activities and resources. These include study abroad trips, which give students a global perspective. Student organizations and networking events help students make valuable connections and engage with the community, creating a well-rounded educational experience.

The College has a student incubator and makerspace, showing its commitment to innovation and hands-on learning. Additionally, two computing labs improve practical skills in a technology-driven environment. Remarkably, online students have the same opportunities as on-campus students, with many MBA students joining annual study abroad trips, enriching their educational journey.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion for International Students

The institute values diversity and inclusion, as shown by a dedicated faculty member who leads the College DEI Committee. The committee works to create a holistic and inclusive campus environment. Students from over 27 countries feel welcomed and supported as they join a community that provides networking opportunities to help them adjust to the new environment.

The institute also helps international students beyond academics. It offers support services, mentorship programs, and cultural integration activities to help them acclimate. Networking opportunities connect international students with peers, faculty, and professionals, creating a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere that improves their educational experience.

Proactive Curriculum Evolution and Dedicated Career Support

The institute prepares students for the dynamic job market by refining its curriculum continuously based on evolving industry demands. This curriculum refinement equips students with the latest knowledge and skills for success in the ever-changing professional landscape.

Additionally, the institute has a dedicated Career Development Manager who guides students. This professional helps students develop crucial skills to meet real-world challenges in the job market. The Career Development Manager involves students in activities such as resume building, interview preparation, and networking opportunities, matching them with current employer expectations.

Therefore, the institute stays current and provides dedicated career support, ensuring that students gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills and insights for contemporary industry needs. This approach prepares graduates to face challenges confidently and thrive in the evolving professional landscape.

Empowering Entrepreneurial Excellence at Sanders College

Aspiring entrepreneurs can find a wealth of resources and support at the Sanders College of Business and Technology. The College has recently launched the Joel R. Anderson BBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a program that reflects its commitment to fostering entrepreneurial spirit. The program is affiliated with the Joel R. Anderson Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Studies, which offers various opportunities for students to develop and showcase their business ideas.

The Center’s flagship initiative is The Generator, a 6,000-square-foot makerspace that boasts over $300,000 worth of cutting-edge technology and equipment. In this secure and enriching environment, students can explore and test their business ideas before bringing them to the market. The Generator also provides hands-on experience, teaching participants fiscal responsibility and guiding them through developing and implementing a viable business model.

Nurturing Alumni Connections at UNA

The institute strongly emphasizes fostering a robust and supportive relationship with its alumni at UNA. Various initiatives demonstrate this commitment, such as maintaining a strong connection with former students.

The institution has an active social media presence, which serves as a dynamic platform for alumni to connect and current students. This online community offers a space for sharing experiences, networking, and staying updated on college developments. The comprehensive annual report also shows the institute’s dedication to keeping alumni informed about the college’s progress, achievements, and strategic direction.

The annual report is more than just an informational tool; it celebrates successes and reinforces a sense of pride among the alumni community. The engagement continues as many alumni contribute to shaping the College’s future by serving on the Executive Business Council. Their involvement in this capacity enables them to influence the mission and strategic vision of the college.

Importance of MBA Education in Navigating Diverse Career Paths

The institute understands that MBA graduates today pursue diverse career paths, including roles in accounting, management, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, marketing, and other fields. As businesses evolve rapidly, adaptability and agility are essential attributes that make MBA graduates well-suited for leadership positions across sectors.

Therefore, the choice of the right MBA program is crucial in the dynamic landscape of modern business. Graduates need adaptable skills to cope with rapid changes in the business environment, and a high-quality MBA program equips students with successful careers. Moreover, such a program offers more than theoretical knowledge; it provides a relevant curriculum that aligns with industry needs, connects students with key players in various sectors, and creates a conducive learning environment that fosters both academic and practical skills.

Vision for Future Excellence

Sanders College of Business and Technology envisions a future of innovation, academic excellence, and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of students and the professional landscape. Therefore, the institute plans to expand and enhance its programs, embrace emerging technologies, and stay ahead of educational trends.

Moreover, the College aims to deepen its global impact by fostering collaborations, attracting diverse talents, and offering more opportunities for international engagement. It will maintain its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and experiential learning, creating a dynamic and supportive environment for students.

Additionally, the institute’s future plans include strategic partnerships with industries, alumni, and research institutions, ensuring relevance and real-world applicability in its programs. As technology and business dynamics change, the institute will refine its curriculum, preparing graduates for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s professional landscape.


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