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Walker & Dunlop Offers Real-Estate Internship Program To Underserved Youth

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An effort  to bolster the internship crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic

The advent of Covid-19 has caused internships across the country to be canceled, which has jeopardized on-the-job experiences for underserved youth. Understanding the situation, Walker & Dunlop, has launched a paid summer internship program for high school and college students from diverse backgrounds. The six-week program offers students the opportunity to work with leading commercial real estate firms, where live transactions will help participants gain real-world experience in digital marketing.

To build the pipeline of future leaders

The internship program will be administered by Project Destined, which has deep experience in training underserved youth. The interns will dedicate eight hours per week to working within the commercial real estate industry. In addition to building a range of technical, financial, and leadership skills, interns will participate in weekly team-based competitions. The weekly competitions will comprise presentations on multifamily transactions, offering students the opportunity to collaborate with real estate professionals on real-world scenarios. The program will culminate in a Shark Tank-style finale, in which each team of interns will present a digital marketing plan to industry leaders.

Project Destined is a social impact education and investment non-profit with projects in Detroit, Memphis, London, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, as well as the Bronx and Baltimore. Partners and also integral to the internship experience are REPLI, a full-service property tech company providing software solutions to owners of multifamily properties, and REIRail, a real estate lead generation, and business education platform.

A guide for racial and social justice

Walker & Dunlop remains committed to diversifying the commercial real estate industry, and this partnership with Project Destined will help build a pipeline of future leaders.

“Racial and social justice in America begins with education and opportunity.  These internships provide a unique educational experience, along with access to industry leaders, that will transform the career opportunities for these interns,” stated Willy Walker, Walker & Dunlop’s Chairman and CEO.

Opportunity and access are often denied when those in power don’t recognize talent when it doesn’t look like them. Corporate America needs guides who have roots in black and brown communities. Project Destined is providing that guidance and helping to cement a pipeline into those organizations.



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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