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Webb Institute: The Legacy Technical Education Institute


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In today’s world, higher education is considered the primary governing factor for career-building opportunities. Many aspirational students seek unique interdisciplinary courses from reputed colleges to widen the scope of study and in turn career opportunities.

Webb Institute is such a top-ranked undergraduate institution that offers a unique academic opportunity with its special dual bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. The institute was established in 1889 by New York-based shipbuilder William H. Webb, with a mission to inspire and educate the leaders of tomorrow in an extraordinary learning community focused on engineering and design in the marine field.

It provides a rigorous education in the principles of engineering and the fundamentals of naval architecture, marine engineering, and related marine technologies—along with developing skills to enable graduates to become leaders of the professional landscape. The students of the Webb Institute instill the highest ethical standards and a sense of professionalism. It also cultivates curiosity in the arts, sciences, and humanities, and provides the background and encouragement necessary to support lifelong learning.

Making a Difference

Webb Institute is a highly selective, top-ranked undergraduate institution specializing in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. It’s extremely competitive program prepares the brightest young engineering minds to make a difference in the marine industry and beyond. Along with its 132-year-old legacy of academic excellence, Webb Institute provides a full-tuition scholarship. The college is situated along the beautiful waterfront in Glen Cove, NY, on the North Shore of Long Island.

Its dual ‘Bachelor of Science degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering’ is highly sought for in the United States. The course was rated as ‘the number one most valuable major’ by Bankrate and is regularly listed as a degree with one of the best returns on investment (ROI). In an academic year, a maximum of 28 students are accepted for the program, making it a rare and highly valuable field of study.

Exceptional Learning Opportunities

The Webb curriculum is based on a systems approach to engineering. It is designed such that it prepares the graduates for a professional career. The curriculum and course descriptions are carefully designed and arranged to achieve the mission of Webb Institute by focusing on the art and science of ship design.

The 146 credit curriculum provides each student with rich design experience. It is built on a strong foundation of mathematics and the basics of engineering sciences. Every semester includes at least one course in naval architecture or marine engineering that serves to tie the program together from the first to the final semester.

The general education component of the curriculum strives to educate the students morally, by offering classes in the humanities and social sciences. Finally, every student is required to complete a senior thesis, which is presented to the entire Webb community and invited guests.

“We educate the students to develop critical thinking at the detail level and train them to be able to work collaboratively,” mentions Lauren Carballo, the Director of Admissions & Student Affairs at Webb Institute.

A Collaborative Classroom Setup

The mode of education at the Webb Institute is unique as each of its classrooms serves as a cohort within a lockstep curriculum. The classroom is structured such that it supports this experience—it is provided with a two-room space that includes a teaching and learning space in the front and a design studio in the back. This space is available to the students 24×7. The professors rotate to take lectures in different classrooms, while the students remain in the space.

This supports a collaborative learning environment even outside of the tuition. Additionally, the students can seek help from their senior college mates by visiting their classrooms. With a small student body of just 100 students and a 9:10 student to faculty ratio, the professors are accessible all the time.


Shaping Future Industry Leaders

In addition to the theoretical and practical sessions, Webb Institute engages its students in extra classes. These classes are aimed to educate the students about the industry environment while discussing the technical and non-technical areas of study.

  • Winter Work

A practical work period between the first and second semesters of each of the four years is an integral part of the academic program. These eight-week-long ‘winter work’ terms provide students with the first-hand experience in the industry and encourage attitudes and work habits that contribute to a sense of professional excellence.

  • Lecture Series

In addition to the formal courses, all students attend the ‘Monday Lecture Series’ where speakers discuss a wide variety of topics from technical to historic to current events. This weekly lecture series is designed to expand Webb students’ education in both technical and non-technical subject areas.

Once or twice a year the Webb community and invited guests congregate for a special evening presentation as part of the ‘Zeien Lecture Series.’ That invites noted individuals from industry, academia, the arts, and government to Webb’s campus to share their stories, experiences, insights, and knowledge.

Life at the Institute

With a small student body, Webb Institute is like a family. The students tend to remain on campus and spend time at the college’s private beach. The institute also has an on-campus Frisbee golf course, student pub, movie room, and other leisure activity clubs. The students also spend time in downtown Glen Cove, in New York City which is a short train ride away.

From the classroom to the student kitchen, students lead a life of their choice at Webb Institute. The college offers various activities to participate into—the students can join the varsity soccer team or be part of a club. Additionally, Webb Institute encourages everyone to join, lead, and excel in its campus and community activities also. As a result the pupils develop a great level of maturity and respect while developing lifelong skills at the institute.

Webb Institute also has a social committee led by the students that are responsible for planning both on-campus and off-campus events and outings. It also includes the ‘Great Gatsby’ and ‘WEBBstock’ which are the largest annual college events in the area.


Encouraging Sportsmanship

Along with the excellent education, Webb Institute also provides numerous opportunities to participate in sports. It participates in several varsity sports including basketball, sailing, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. The sailors of the Webb Institute compete at the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association (MAISA) periodically. While the student organization sponsors a number of intramural events and tournaments that include cornhole, crew (Rowing), cycling, disc golf, field day events, kite boarding, and the running club.

The institute has a dedicated gymnasium with basketball and volleyball courts, two outdoor hard-surface tennis courts, Thorpe athletic field, and a private waterfront where students get to use the boathouse, 420s, lasers, an I-20 Scow, and windsurfers

Expecting Normalcy in 2021

The institute cherishes some of the changes caused due to the pandemic in 2020. As the professors have now become more familiar with the different modes of education, Webb Institute finds it beneficial moving forward. The technology has added a level of flexibility which has, in turn, increased accessibility for the students. Post the COVID-19 pandemic, Webb Institute aims to return to normal operations in the fall of 2021. The institute has gained some normalcy as 98% of its students have already chosen to be vaccinated.


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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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