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Westford University College: Blending Industry and Academia with Cutting-edge Programs

Westford University College

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Over the years, the financial services sector has become much more multifaceted, with positions catering to a range of interests as well as sub-industries that include niche opportunities. Accounting and finance graduates today have a plethora of opportunities from employers—Accountancy firms, insurance companies, investment banks, high street banks, and public sector agencies, to name a few. Students can also work with large multinational financial services firms as they offer a majority of the most popular opportunities. 

Choosing the ‘right’ institute is therefore important for students seeking a lucrative career in accounting and finance. While the choice of the institute depends upon what the students want from their qualification and study experience, they also have to consider several aspects like specialties, research focus, teaching quality, graduate outcome, graduate satisfaction, etc. Amid numerous colleges offering accounting and finance education today, Westford University College (WUC) distinguishes itself with its internationally accredited and globally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs along with professional certificates in different areas.

Humble Beginnings

Westford University College was founded as Westford School of Management in 2009, with a humble beginning of three employees and one program from Pearson. The institute is a result of the vision of its young founders who were educational enthusiasts, with an entrepreneurial mindset. As part of the founding vision, they believed in providing graduates with experiences and opportunities that will make them ‘corporate ready’.

From the beginning, WUC’s strength has been providing executive education to professionals looking for career enhancement. Hence, it focused on executive education and developed an educational curriculum that is different from any other institutes in the region. The college aims to be student-oriented, providing a 360-degree perspective of the business, its working environment, and the community it operates in. Furthermore, it retains a multicultural environment conducive to learning as students from all around the world enroll at the college for their career advancement.

A Plethora of Academic Programs

The programs and curriculums provided by WUC are designed to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The college focuses on being the region’s leading provider of certified industry-relevant skills, offering programs like the L3 foundation program, HND, BABM, MBA, DBA, and other professional courses.

For the undergraduate aspirants, WUC offers a three-year bachelor’s program with a unique blend of qualifications from Liverpool John Moore’s University (LMJU)—which is ranked in the top 50 universities in the UK, Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) UK, and a Higher National Diploma from one of the most renowned awarding body—Pearson. The MBA aspirants are offered a “Triple Crown MBA” which focuses on professional networking and practitioner training besides academic qualifications that come from reputed universities in the UK and Spain namely—Cardiff Metropolitan University UK, UCAM Spain, CCCU UK, and Girne American University Cyprus.

The newly launched Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from UCAM, Spain is a prestigious addition to WUC’s existing portfolio. DBA is one of the highest academic degrees tailor-made for practitioners. It paves the way for progress in career paths both as a practitioner as well as a scholar. The college has also collaborated with the University of California, Los Angeles Extension (UCLA Extension) to provide an outstanding online “Leadership & Management Development Program” for the industry players of today.

Industry-relevant and Practical Education

WUC’s curriculums are designed as per UK Academic (Pearson) and Scottish Qualification Authority standards which offer in-depth, contextual, rigorous, and concept-based insights on key aspects. These aspects include financial reporting, risk management, cost, management & financial accounting, budgeting, and forecasting. This is necessary to evaluate business performance and deliver investor-centric data-driven job skills, to combine critical thinking, analytical capabilities as much sought-after qualities in an extremely competitive and volatile environment.

Throughout the learning process, students are exposed to real-world case studies. This is followed by inviting a broad spectrum of industry leaders through Webinars who share their challenging and exciting experiences that add transformational knowledge experience which enables WUC’s students to outperform and stay ahead in life. “Additionally, through our Westford Internship Program, students can apply for short-term or long-term internship opportunities that are available to Westfordians because of our strong corporate tie-up with various companies in the UAE,” says Hanil Das (Co-founder and Executive Director at the Westford Education Group).

A Passionate Educator

As one of the co-founders of the Westford Education Group and the Executive Director of the Westford University College, Hanil’s role is vital in all aspects of strategic planning, operations, and business development. He believes that education should equip students with application-based skills and competencies, and the Western Higher Education system fulfills that to a great extent.

I believe this system provides a holistic learning experience for students in today’s time and age. Being in the education industry is not just a profession but also a passion of mine. I find it extremely rewarding and humbling to be able to dedicate myself to the education sector,” adds Hanil.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

The student body at WUC comprises students from 116 different countries. Students can learn from people from varied origins and upbringings through culturally diverse classroom and social interactions, resulting in improved innovation and collaboration. The faculty members not only have a wide range of knowledge but also come from varied backgrounds. This provides learners with the opportunity to see and experience diverse leadership styles. For youngsters, it is a chance to see someone from their community whom they can emulate.

Furthermore, WUC works hard to ensure that every student—local or international—feels at home. Every team in the classroom is represented by a member of a different country. The college encourages industry leaders to further involve them in its setting, immediately benefitting students to increase their intellectual engagement, personal motivation, cultural engagement, and critical thinking—making them better scholars, thinkers, and citizens. Moreover, to maintain its diversified and vibrant student community, WUC ensures that each country’s National and Independence Day is honored through its communications.

Opportunities beyond the Classroom

WUC believes in educating students beyond the classroom and on campus and therefore organizes a variety of experiences and excursions to bridge the gap between academic and personal growth. It offers initiatives like the Day with CEO, We Connect, and We Talk which aim to connect with C-suite business leaders, CEOs, and professionals to learn about their success stories, cutting-edge ideas, and leadership styles. The college also actively participates in Toastmasters International through its Westford Toastmasters Club which was established to help students develop their public speaking and leadership abilities.

Alongside academic understanding, interacting with the industry is also vital. At WUC, students are allowed to interact with staff and receive first-hand insight into how corporations operate through the visits. Additionally, the college offers a monthly newsletter, international immersion programs, soft skills training, career development and business etiquette workshops, programs on corporate competencies, and sports management to students to engage and develop their holistic approach to their career or life in general.

Coping with the Change

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, business schools around the world were forced to close and completely shift learning into a virtual or hybrid environment. Another significant change was the shift away from the lectures. The use of classroom lectures as a teaching method has been replaced with more engaging and enhanced tools and software. Moreover, strengthening the student community has also been a challenging task faced by business schools. However, Zoom-based socials and streaming activities have become prevalent, aiding business schools with their attempt to replicate the extracurricular activities that make in-person classes appealing.

WUC has its indigenous and innovative Learning Management System that caters to all its geographically dispersed learners around the globe. It uses the Westford interactive classrooms as a delivery platform integrated within its learning management framework. Alongside the infrastructure and facilities, the learners at Westford have access to a wide range of academic journals, textbooks, and other contemporary and relevant learning materials through e-libraries and other e-learning platforms.

Commitments for the Future

2020 has been the most challenging year for everyone around the world. WUC expects 2021 to be rebounding from the COVID-19 crisis. Last year came as an opportunity for many to reskill and upskill. This year, WUC wishes to emphasize its commitment to inclusion for every person without exception, take accountability for the cultures it creates and how the leaders it creates, as well as think of humanity.

The college aims to include more substantive co-curricular programs. It expects to be bold and take major strides towards using new technologies and initiatives to create more accessible, flexible, and personalized models of education. “Online technology will play a major role and it is incumbent upon all of us to explore its full potential,” concludes Hanil.

Westford University College

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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