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Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop Aims Schools with Coding and Robotics Solutions

Class Connect empowers educators with a state-of-the-art students tracking system

Wonder Workshop, inspiring every home and classroom to be a place of innovation, made public its upcoming release of Class Connect, a collection of online tools for educators to implement cutting-edge coding and robotics in their school. With 33% of school districts in the US, the company aims to add these solutions with its educational robots Dash, Dot, and Cue that are used in more than 20,000 K-8
schools worldwide.

There is an increasing demand of implementation of STEM,<ahref=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> robotics, and computer science from many district and school leaders. To process the solution there is also a need for a way to provide every classroom with specific tools that can engage every student.

Class Connect – a tool to interact closely with enthusiastic students

Observations suggest students do incline for coding and robotics. Class Connect suit is designed to favor these learning interests:

  • Class Connect equips teachers with tools to track students’ performances and further skill development in real-time as they play and learn with Dash and Dot.
  • Expand students’ skills on the accuracy, hands-on learning exercises, and empowering educators to meet each student where they are.
  • The suit gives educators a clear learning progression for coding and robotics, just-in-time resources for teachers without prior experience to alter instruction for every student.
  • Teachers can check the performance of the entire class in real-time and dive deeper into individual student’s progress with a single click.
  • The tool simplifies the remote management of student devices, profiles, and challenges.
  • It enables educators to share dashboards with each other, giving technology the ability to co-teach to help them gain confidence with demonstrated student success.
  • Educators have an access to the resources that needed to bring state-of-the-art coding and robotics experiences in the classroom.
  • Basics like sequencing and loops to advance concepts like conditional and variable will be prior to the tools solutions includes 23 groups of scaffolded coding and robotics challenges.

Additionally, Class Connect’s annual subscription is focused to provide educators access to Wonder Workshop’s Learn to Code Curriculum that includes a comprehensive scope and sequence, covering fundamental coding concepts across six coding levels and 36 lesson plans.

Vikas Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Wonder Workshop, said, “Over the last few years, educators have discovered that coding and robotics are powerful classroom tools to engage students, awaken curiosity and enthusiasm for learning through project-based learning.” “With Class Connect, we are bringing robotics and coding education within reach for more educators, ensuring they have the support they need to foster the creativity, problem-solving skills, and a job that along with high-quality robotics play,” he added.

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