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How Elites Are Using Coronavirus To Reshape The World?

How Elites Are Using Coronavirus To Reshape The World ?

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As the pandemic takes hold across the world, some businesses are getting crushed. Others are thriving like Amazon which announced 100,000 new hires to help manage the rush of online orders. Economists say the coronavirus pandemic might lead to long-term shapes in how people spend, work, and live. We are going through such disruption that people are adapting by getting online deliveries, communicating online, and learning online. We have just started asking the question, “how much of this is going to stick around once the coronavirus leaves our world?” It turns out a quiet bit of this may lead to semi-permanent changes in the way we work and live.

There are some businesses who are getting hammered, some who are thriving and there are some who are reinventing. But it is interesting to point out that there are some new heroes you may have seen in your Facebook feed like janitors, childcare workers, grocery store clerks, etc. which they are moving up in popularity and appreciation. All of those folks are added to an elevated risk for infection.

The Targeted United States

Coronavirus To Reshape The World

In most US states, restaurants, bars, hair, salons, and coffee houses against the interests of business owners as a means to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Obviously a great time to be Amazon and other online businesses but it’s a terrible time to be a local restaurant, grocery store, or any business that requires to have face to face contact. As a result, millions of people have already lost their jobs, homeless people are being charged for disobeying the social distancing and fear of inequality is surrounding the nation.

The impacts of the coronavirus are cutting across the nation’s more than $20 trillion economy. Governments claim that without extreme measures, many more will die, and hospital beds will overfill.

You have to keep the reaction in proportion to the problem,” David says. “so maybe more needs doing in parts of Italy.”

On 18th March, David Icke appeared as a guest on London Real to discuss his view on the coronavirus and the global lockdown happening right now. He has argued for years that the financial elites are attempting to create what he dubs the “Hunger Games society.” Most people live in poverty while a few at the top enjoy the vast wealth and protection which enforces strict controls on most people

This ‘hunger games society is designed to have no small business, no medium-sized business globally, just gigantic corporations that control and produce everything…What this coronavirus hysteria is creating is a situation unfolding by the hour worldwide that is destroying small business, family business, [and] even medium-sized business.” ~David Icke

It’s hard to disagree that the biggest impact of the virus will be economic, and David’s explanation fits in with the globalist agenda that so many patriots and concerned citizens have been working to expose for several decades.

According to David Icke

Coronavirus To Reshape The World

The world is controlled by a cult. It’s a cult with no borders that operates in all the major countries and in fact, all the countries in the end. So the cult will be at the core of the system in America and China. It is the structure of a pyramid in which at the top of it a tiny few, enormously wealthy people that actually are connected to this cult. They have a name called the 1%. At the bottom of this pyramid in the Hunger Games society is basically the rest of humanity that is dependent upon the 1%. In between the two is a vicious merciless police-military state to impose the will of the 1% on the population.

This hunger games society is not classic fascism, it’s not classic communism although the outcome in terms of tyranny is the same. It is a technocracy. A technocracy is defined as a society that is controlled by bureaucrats, experts, scientists, engineers, and technocrats. The ability of that situation to happen is through smart technology and AI. The idea is that everything will be connected to AI. Silicon Valley tells that in the period around 2030, people will have a situation where the human brain will start to be connected to AI and thus whoever controls the AI will be connecting and driving the perceptions of humanity.

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