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10 Fast-Growing EdTech Startups for K-12 in 2023


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Education is as vital as having breakfast in the morning. Besides, innovation is enhancing the accessibility of education. Edtech on the other hand has altered the course of education by providing multiple learning platforms. These platforms are comprised of multiple education resources which is beneficial for teachers as well as students.

Moreover, Edtech platforms including D2L and Outschool have made education easy and reliable by offering engaging approaches and providing high-quality guidance.

Let’s check 10 Fast-Growing EdTech startups for K-12 in 2023

  • D2L
  • DreamBox Learning
  • BenchPrep
  • Schoology
  • Newsela
  • Tinkergarden
  • Outschool
  • Blue Studios
  • Codingal
  • Seesaw

1. D2L

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 1999

Subjects: History, Physics, Mathematics, etc.

D2L is a next-generation learning management system and solutions that engage and inspire learners throughout their lives, assisting clients in overcoming hurdles to high-quality learning experiences. Customers in K-12, higher education, healthcare, government, and the enterprise sector are currently using D2L’s technology. Besides, D2L is an abbreviation for Desire2Learn and is among the massive open-source online education platforms, which guarantee an individual’s bright career.

2. DreamBox Learning


Developed in: 2006

Subjects: Mathematics, Reading, Literacy, etc.

Dreambox Learning’s adaptive K-8 math program seeks to make math fun and accessible. Their software monitors students’ problem-solving methods, constantly re-sequencing issues and adjusting difficulty levels based on student achievement. Meanwhile, the drudgery of long division is alleviated by bright images, lively sound design, and other game-like features. This method of educating children through animation has proven to have delivered a positive effect on children’s mental health.

3. BenchPrep

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2009

Subjects: Science, Interview preparation, Gd, etc.

BenchPrep is an interactive course marketplace and learning platform for K-12, college, professional certifications, and more. To construct courses from flat educational content, the company collaborates with best-in-class publishers such as McGraw Hill, Cengage Learning, and Princeton Review. BenchPrep is a global learning platform that allows students to study and track their progress across online, mobile, and tablet platforms, which assists them in maintaining their progress chart throughout the course duration.

4. Schoology

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2009

Subjects: Mathematics, Science, etc.

Schoology’s learning management system, which is aimed mostly at K-12 students, stresses cooperation and pleasure. The platform is promising as well as engaging. Technology enables children to collaborate and communicate with one another. It also provides a one-stop shop for administrative chores such as lesson planning, grading, and quiz management for teachers. Parents can create accounts on Schoology to view their children’s grades, attendance, and assignments, as well as upload media and documents.

5. Newsela


Developed in: 2013

Subjects: Science, Social studies

Matthew Gross launched Newsela, an ed-tech firm focusing on literacy. It provides informational content that is tiered and standards-aligned and is available in both English and Spanish. 90 percent of schools are served by Newsela, which includes over 37 million K-12 people and 2.5 million teachers. With a registered account, you can access Newsela’s news content for free, and extra resources are available for a fee. Besides, the content is created with the goal of engaging students.

6. Tinkergarden


Developed in: 2014

Subjects: Communication, Creativity, Problem Solving, etc.

Tinkergarten is a park-based early childhood education program that provides high-quality early childhood education at a park near you. It believes that the outdoors provides the richest learning environment, and that independent exploration and well-designed play-based activities are essential for the development of a variety of crucial skills, such as self-reliance, creativity, tenacity, grit, and problem-solving. Its expert-designed curriculum helps children aged 1 to 8 years old develop, grow, and better prepare for the future.

7. Outschool


Developed in: 2015

Subjects: Arts, Coding & tech, English, Maths, Science, etc.

Outschool is linking youngsters to a convenient online platform to create a love for learning at a young age. Students ages 3 to 18 can take a variety of lessons at the company, which cater to a wide range of interests. Students can also take advantage of small group and one-on-one sessions, ensuring that they receive the time and attention they require to learn the content. This platform is responsible for developing as well as making youngsters interested in learning.

8. Blue Studios


Developed in: 2019

Subjects: Engineering, Mathematics, Microbiology, coding, etc.

Blue Studios Inc, founded in 2019, is a subscription-based digital education platform that provides on-demand STEM classes online, with a business strategy that sits between e-commerce and edtech. The global e-learning market is worth USD 238 billion, with 60% of the market concentrated outside of the United States. The COVID-19 issue has increased user uptake, with different e-learning ventures more than tripling their customer base. Blue Studios is a professionally run marketplace that links families with the greatest STEM lessons delivered by the best teachers.

9. Codingal


Developed in: 2020

Subjects: Coding

Codingal is an online after-school program that teaches coding to 270 million K-12 kids through the creation of apps, games, and websites. All sessions are taught one-on-one by validated and qualified all-star teachers with a background in computer science, which sets them different. India has excellent technological institutes but virtually no programming teaching in primary and secondary schools. Codingal is used by parents who want their children to begin programming earlier in life.

10. Seesaw


Developed in: 2013

Subjects: Mathematics, English, Arts.

On Seesaw’s student engagement platform, students complete projects using drawing, photography, video recording, and writing, which teachers can choose from a built-in activity library. The student portfolio expands over time, allowing individuals to carry it with them throughout their academic careers. Teachers and parents can use the design to keep track of their students’ thought processes and assess their completed work, which is saved to personalized digital portfolios. This feature is beneficial for teachers as well as parents.

Enhanced and Flexible Access to Education

Edtech startups have improved children’s learning experiences by making education more convenient. Teachers are able to guide students more effectively than in the past, and parents are pleased to see their children engaged in education at a higher level than before.

The fact that Edtech startups provide instruction through animation has piqued students’ curiosity. We believe that the above-listed fast-growing Edtech startups for K-12 will surely eliminate all of the obstacles that students have previously experienced.

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