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How is Google Classroom Banner making Online Learning more engaging?

google classroom banner

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Google, in many ways, has transformed the way we communicate and manage information with its popular tools like Gmail, Google Documents, Google Calendar, Google Classroom, Google Classroom Banner, etc. These tools are being effectively used across different sectors. In the education sector, Google Classroom is such a tool that has rapidly emerged as a digital platform to enhance your physical classroom. As the EdTech sector moves faster towards the adoption of online and hybrid learning options, more teachers are using Google Classroom and Google Classroom Banner as effective ways of making online learning more engaging and compelling.

Google Classroom is typically a place where teachers create and share digital assignments, track and assess students’ progress, and provide online feedback. Students can also access these assignments and complete them with Google Classroom. With more than 150 million active users, Google Classroom has significantly improved teaching and learning around the globe.  However, despite the increasing popularity of the platform, constantly keeping the students engaged online is a challenge if you are a teacher. Effective use of the Google Classroom Banner can prove to be a great way of making your online learning space more captivating and insightful.

Here are 5 ways you can personalize the Google Classroom Banner to make online learning more appealing.

1. Decide a Name for your Class

Addressing your class as merely ‘class’ or ‘students’ is an old style that is fading with time. Your class must have a collective name that represents the class thoroughly. Discuss this with your students, encourage them to come up with different ideas, organize a mini poll, and choose the name with the highest votes. Now, upload a banner that portrays the name in a compelling manner. This will instill a sense of camaraderie and unity among the group of students.

2. Use GIF Files

GIF files can also be effectively used to catch and engage one’s attention as well as exhibit details that cannot be otherwise described by a static image. While the use of GIFs in social media, advertising, etc. is on a rise, you will be surprised to know that Google Classroom also supports GIF files. When the chips are down, a GIF is exactly what you need to boost energy in an online space. Here is an example of a GIF banner you can use:

3. Create the Class Rules and Regulations

Class rules and norms generally do not appeal to the students if they are written formally in a book or mentioned on a wall in a brick-and-mortar classroom. To engage students in reading it, you can creatively use images and text to create a customized poster with the school norms written.

4. Utilize Anchor Charts

An anchor chart can be described as organized charts that are created by students and teachers together. Usually, anchor charts are handwritten in large print and displayed in the primary area of a classroom so that they are visible to all. While the concept of anchor charts has been predominantly used in traditional physical classrooms, you can also use Google classroom banners to create anchor charts of the units you are teaching. Using these anchor charts, students can quickly know what they are learning when they log in.

5. Develop your Bitmojis

There are many ways of making learning fun and attracting much more students to attend virtual classes. Intelligent use of bitmojis is such a way that can intrigue students. On the Google classroom banner, you can create your own bitmoji and place it on top of a classroom image in a way that replicates the environment of a physical classroom. You can also add a chalkboard which can be used to share messages with students on a daily or weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Classroom:

  • How can I access the Google classroom?

To start with Google classroom, you can install the Google classroom app on your Android, iOS, or iPad device. You can also visit in your Google Chrome browser and sign in with a G-Suite account.

  • How do I find assignments/grades in a Google classroom?

If you sign in to a Google classroom on the web, available classes are displayed. Use the following procedure:

Tap on a class →  then classwork  →  and then view my work

If you are using the Google classroom app on Android or iOS, use the following procedure.

Tap on a class → then classwork → and then the student work icon in the upper right

  • Alongside the classroom, what other G-suite apps I might need for an assignment?

You can contact your teacher to get a gist of exactly what you need. Usually, you will need to install one or two apps besides the Google classroom application. Some of the most popular G-suite apps include Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Google Slides, Google Sheets, etc.

  • Can I work on assignments offline?

Yes, you can work on assignments without an internet connection by using apps like Google Docs, sheets, slides, etc. While using these apps, go to settings, and then make the recent files available offline. You can also work offline with Google Drive in chrome by activating the check box next to offline in the Google drive settings. You may switch between accounts when you have an internet connection. However, note that only the files for the recently used account can be stored offline. So if you need uninterrupted offline access, avoid switching between apps.

  • How can parents or guardians keep track of a student’s progress?

A parent or guardian may receive updates regarding the student’s progress via the classroom. These updates might include several kinds of information i.e. about classwork, class activity, missing work, etc. Only a teacher or a domain administrator can add a person’s email address as a parent or a guardian.

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