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March ‘Forth’ on Grammar Day with a Grammar Police!

Grammar Day

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“Roses are red,
Violets are blue
March ‘forth’ its grammar day,
Thats okay if you didn’t knew!”

If that made you cringe and shrug your shoulders, congratulations! You are an advocate ‘Grammarista’!

The fourth of March marks National Grammar Day. Although it holds major significance in our life, irrespective of the dialect we choose to speak, people tend to use incorrect grammar and make common grammatical errors. However, there exists a colony of people who do not refrain from policing others over grammatical errors. These people use sarcasm as their domestic dialect and immediately jump to correct (even the most minor) grammatical mistakes. They tend to be disagreeable and are major introverts. These people will judge you if you cannot accurately pronounce ‘their’, ‘there’, and ‘they’re’.

They are called known as ‘Grammar Police’.

Who is a Grammar Police?

What is there their main job?

A Grammarista is born with one purpose which they continue to abide by throughout their life—CORRECT OTHER’S GRAMMATICALLY.

While there have always been self-appointed Grammar Police who feel the need to highlight errors on the signs, adverts and literature around them, social media has given them new outlets to vent their rage.

However, social media sites such as Twitter, together with text messages and email, have also brought new sources of poor grammatical usage as users turn to abbreviations of words and make mistakes in their haste to send a message.

How to avoid a Grammar Police?

Follow these simple rules to avoid arguing or getting ‘regulated’ or ‘policed’ by a Grammar Police:

  1. Use correct grammar. Always.
  2. Put emphasis on your pronunciation. Grammar nazis can clearly hear your breath. So make sure you don’t pronounce ‘your’ as ‘you’re’.
  3. DO not add an apostrophe every time you see an ‘s’ at the end of a word.
  4. Avoid conversations with them. (Yes, it can be as simple as that!)
  5. Do not judge them. It is vital to be grammatically correct and using incorrect grammar is not a cool trait. They are just doing their job right. It is unnecessary to judge them.

While many will celebrate the day by purposely misspelling a word or forgoing punctuation for a laugh, others opt to subtly call out those who clearly have no sense of proper grammar. Nevertheless, correct grammar is important. Always remember that knowing the difference between a comma and a coma can come in handy at any point in your life. Cheers!

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