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Are you also on the challenging journey of overcoming infertility? If yes, worry not, as you’re not alone! According to NIH, around 60-80 million couples suffer from infertility every year worldwide, and around 15-20 million (25%) couples are from India alone. WHO has stated that every one in four couples is struggling with infertility issues in India.

Addressing the growing infertility cases in India, IVF is a rescue for couples facing difficulties with natural conception. The IVF process involves retrieving eggs from the ovaries and manually combining them with the sperm in a laboratory for fertilisation. Once an embryo is formed, it is placed back into the uterus, which implants into the uterine wall and results in a successful pregnancy.

Since it is a manual process, with most of the vital steps done in the laboratory, an expert IVF specialist’s attention is a pre-requisite to ensure the treatment is done effectively and to assure maximum IVF success rates. For all those planning for IVF and just thinking about exploring the treatment, IVF experts at Aastha Fertility, one of the best IVF center in Jaipur, will assist you with the best advice and tailored treatment options.

To know more about the home to Jaipur’s top IVF Specialists, this blog below will help you with all the answers. In the details below, we have explained IVF specialists‘ crucial role in the treatment and why opt for Aastha Fertility as your IVF partner!

Role of IVF Specialists in the Treatment

Regarding overcoming infertility, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) specialists play an essential role.

  1. Finding the Root Cause: IVF specialists start by determining why a couple has trouble getting pregnant. They dig deep to uncover issues like blocked fallopian tubes, problems with eggs or sperm, or hormone imbalances.
  2. Tailored Plans: No one standard IVF treatment can offer solutions for all. IVF specialists create a plan that’s just for you. They consider your age, health history, and what you’ve tried before and then curate the plan to ensure maximum success rates.
  3. Stimulating Eggs: Sometimes, they need to give your ovaries more medication to produce more eggs. IVF specialists closely monitor this process with ultrasounds and blood tests, ensuring everything’s on track.
  4. Egg Collection and Fertilisation: They skillfully retrieve your eggs and mix them with sperm in a lab to create embryos. It’s a delicate procedure that they’ve mastered.
  1. Placing Embryos: IVF specialists place the best embryos in your uterus when it’s time. This is where their precision matters most. Timing is crucial to increase the chances of the embryo sticking to the uterus lining and growing into a baby.
  2. Support and Understanding: Dealing with infertility is tough. IVF specialists aren’t just medical experts; they’re there to hold your hand through the ups and downs. They understand the emotional toll it can take and provide guidance and support.
  3. Always Checking: IVF specialists closely monitor how things are going and adjust the plan as needed to keep it on track.

Aastha Fertility – Offering the Best IVF Treatment in Jaipur

Aastha Fertility Center in Pink City, Jaipur, has high success rates for IVF, IUI, ICSI, and ART, combined with cost-effective treatments, streamlined processes and a team of expert dedicated staff under the supervision of Dr Namita Kotia for all the fertility treatments. They have helped thousands of couples combat infertility with expert treatments, and by choosing Aastha as your infertility partner, you can also increase your chances for a successful IVF pregnancy.

Moreover, the expertise of IVF specialists at Aastha Fertility is not limited to medical and technical skills. They also understand IVF’s toll on personal and mental health and assist their patients best.

Why is Aastha Fertility the Best Option for IVF Treatment in Jaipur?

Aastha Fertility Care stands out as the best IVF centre in Jaipur due to the following reasons –

  • They offer a range of fertility solutions in one place.
  • The environment is welcoming and positive.
  • Their treatment prices are affordable.
  • They have a high IVF success rate, matching global standards.
  • They use advanced technology, which means better results and fewer failures.
  • Their team, including in-house embryologists, is skilled and dedicated.


From the above discussion, it is essential to have a trusted partner when embarking on the challenging infertility treatment journey to overcome infertility. Aastha Fertility Center in Jaipur is ranked as the best IVF treatment provider in Jaipur and all over India.

More than just addressing the physical issues, the team of dedicated IVF experts also assist patients with mental health throughout the journey because they know that stress is the leading cause of infertility and decreased success rates.

Their commitment to precision and monitoring, combined with cost-affordability and cutting-edge technology, ensures the best possible outcome for each patient and helps them live their dream of parenthood.

What are you still waiting for? Schedule a free online consultation with the IVF expert in Jaipur now to know more!



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