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15 Interesting Mary Oliver Quotes to live a blissful life


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Often called the most beloved poet in the world of English literature, Mary Oliver is the first name that may come to your mind. She touched millions of hearts through her beautiful poems that reflect her deep sense of imagination and simple language. Her poems mostly involved understanding life and loving the world. We have collected 15 amazing Mary Oliver quotes that will draw your attention to the world we live in. They will help you to shift your focus to those aspects of life that really matter.

  1. “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

  1. “Listen–are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”

  1. “You must not ever stop being whimsical. And you must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life.”
  1. “Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.”

  1. “I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.”

  1. “We all have a hungry heart, and one of the things we hunger for is happiness. So as much as I possibly could, I stayed where I was happy.”
  1. “I acknowledge my feeling and gratitude for life by praising the world and whoever made all these things.”

  1. “I simply do not distinguish between work and play.”

  1. “Poetry is one of the ancient arts, and it began as did all the fine arts, within the original wilderness of the earth.”
  1. “To find a new word that is accurate and different, you have to be alert for it.”

  1. “In college, you learn how to learn. Four years is not too much time to spend at that.”

  1. “I was very careful never to take an interesting job. If you have an interesting job, you get interested in it.”
  1. “My parents didn’t care very much what I did, and that was probably a blessing.”

  1. “If I have any lasting worth, it will be because I have tried to make people remember what the Earth is meant to look like.”
  1. “Poetry isn’t a profession, it’s a way of life. It’s an empty basket; you put your life into it and make something out of that.”

Love is a beautiful feeling that has inspired many poets in the world and Mary Oliver expanded it to loving the world and living life blissfully. Throughout her life, she shared many interesting thoughts about life, nature, beauty, and love. We hope you enjoyed reading Mary Oliver quotes which helped you to change your perspective toward life.

Trupti Munde

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