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Learn How Online Learning Can Trump Classrooms ?

online education

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Classrooms might not be there in the future

Classroom teaching was the traditional way of imparting knowledge to young minds as long as education is being there. A classroom is full of students, taught by a teacher about a subject. This is familiar to all. the innovation of technology through time is now offering an alternative, online learning.

How these two methods are the same and different at the same time?

Classroom teaching provides a group of student opportunities to learn together. Knowledge is comprehensive. The standardization, everyone going to get the same thing. With respect to education, the teacher will teach the subject which is the same for everyone. This is how we were taught and still the major way of learning across the world. It’s been effective over the years.

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Time tested and proven

As per the saying children are the future of the world, and the fate of this future lies in the hand of the teachers. Education is a noble cause of forwarding the wealth of knowledge to the next generation and teachers are a great part of this huge process. These are the people who are going to mold the young minds of the future. The teacher in any school or college are professionals, they are doing this for years. Each has developed a method to penetrate the mind of the student. These methods are time tested and have produced results in the past.

Major Inefficiency of the present system

The drawback of classroom teaching is its inclusiveness. It does not give any importance to the specific abilities of the students to absorb the subject matter.  As in every classroom, there are brilliant kids, and those who need little push to get it and those who do not get it at all. They have been taught the same thing but the result will be different.

The alternate is quite promising

These difference in output in learning has become the main cause of alternate to be developed. Previously parents use to keep tutors who can personally look after their kid’s academic needs and teach him/her accordingly. Now through the internet, many organizations are offering online learning. They will evaluate the capability of a student and design a course that suits his/her learning style.

How they are different and same

Well, online education theory has evolved through the particular exclusive needs of students. The different programs that are available in the market carter this. Some of this program officially affiliated to the educational boards, where you can study and complete a professional degree and some provide online learning of the specific subject, we can call it the online tutor.

The major difference is in the concept; the classroom learning is education-oriented which do not look after each and every student learning abilities and online education main aim is to provide the same learning customized for each and every student.

So which is better?

Whichever makes you feel comfortable and allows you the grasp the intended knowledge in a good time. This is where both the classroom and online education are the same; students are going to be taught by experienced teachers. In the classroom, somebody might be hesitant to ask a question but in online learning, you can feel free and express yourself. The main objective of both methods is to provide quality education.

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The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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