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15 Top-Rated Digital Notebooks for 2023


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As technology is constantly taking over, digital technology has made life easier and better. The discovery of the Digital Notebook has helped a lot in this tech era. These Digital notebooks are considered to be hybrid—part digital and part analog. Digital Notebooks were mainly invented for old-fashioned people who like putting down the pen to paper.

Jotting things down, drawing doodles, scribbling and much more can be done more conveniently with the help of digital notebooks. Instead of tearing up and throwing away the paper as it was in traditional notepads, these new ones help in erasing the content effortlessly. Moreover, the reason why digital notebooks are loved everywhere is that the notes can be backed up on the cloud.

New Age Writing

Better cognitive reception is registered when one writes with one’s hand. A person submerged in the literary world can stop spending hours hustling with bundles of paper and switch to its digital counterpart.

It spells out relief for Mother Nature as well. Abandoning the use of paper can put a stopper to deforestation. You can save the lives of countless trees which can help in creating a healthy and breathable environment. Settle comfortably with a handy electronic screen for jotting down all your work and making way for a sustainable world.

The right kind of digital notebook for you can possess several features. Some use actual paper while others use styluses and special paper with in-built tracking. Intelligent pens that can have a memory of what has been written down have also been innovated. Some notebooks have excellent sync options to transfer important notes to any device at any time. They can serve multiple purposes ranging from office documentation to art.

Watch Here:- How to create FREE digital Notebook

Here are 15 of the best-rated digital notebooks that you can look out for:

1. Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad

digital notebook

Useful for both writing and drawing purposes, this notebook allows digital syncing with other devices. You can place your preferred paper on it and scribble away. The Slate uses electromagnetic tracking and pressure sensitivity to trace your writing and accurately transfers it to the synced devices. You can avail of the cloud services as well and adjust the file format according to your need.

Buy now – Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad

2. Wacom Bamboo Folio

Wacom Bamboo Folio

This digital notebook uses the same technology of tracking pen strokes on paper as its sibling, the Bamboo Slate. It comes encased in a sleek folio cover that protects it from possible damage. The folio also makes room for other important documents.

Buy now – Wacom Bamboo Folio

3. Moleskine Pen+Ellipse Smart Writing Set

Moleskine Pen+Ellipse Smart Writing Set

This is definitely out of the box. This intelligent pen has an infrared sensor that memorizes the movement across the special dotted N-coded pages of the notebook. You can avail of several editing options once it has been synced with the Moleskine Notes app for IOS and android devices. The other features include a USB recharging cable, one pen-tip ink refill, and a manual. An additional benefit is that you do not need to keep the pen synced at all times. It has a special memory and can recall previous work for transferring to other devices.

Buy now – Moleskine Smart Writing Set

4. Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook

This pocket-friendly option involves a Frixion erasable pen and a phone app for scanning options. The absence of syncing options does not rob it of its uniqueness, however. There are 42 pages with seven different page styles for notes, sketches, lists, plans, and much more in dot-grid and lined pages. You can use a marker or a highlighter along with the Pilot Frixion pen. Each page has symbols at the bottom, which can be allotted to apps like Drive, Evernote, Email, or Slack. When you need to start over, just wipe the page clean with a damp cloth and carry it on.

Buy now – Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook

5. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

If you are in a classroom as a student or a teacher, this simple and straightforward device is a good match for you. The bright and light writing makes the notes easy to read. They can be shared with other devices via Evernote or Bluetooth. The LCD feature is a plus point for smooth writing. It also includes a mobile app for android and IOS users and makes way for wireless connections. The battery life is reliable and can stay up to seven days.

Buy now – Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

6. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Comprising 80 pages each with a grid pattern and a QR code for the page number, this is an interesting variation of the Everlast version. The heat-sensitive feature of the ink is intriguing. If in need of clearing the pages, just place it inside the microwave oven and wait for the scribbles to disappear. Like the Everlast notebook, there is no sync feature and you have to scan your work. In contrast to the previous version, it can be reused only 5-20 times. The cloud connectivity feature is present here as well.

Buy now – Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

7. Royole RoWrite Smart Writing Pad

Royole RoWrite Smart Writing Pad

This comes loaded with a variety of pen styles, thicknesses, and colors, and a handwriting-to-text transcription feature. It follows in the footsteps of the Bamboo Slate while displaying a lighter price tag. An interesting feature is the recording of one’s strokes. This can be useful for online tutors or digital content creators. It syncs with the mobile app and allows for live viewing of one’s writing strokes. It supports many file formats like JPG, RTF, PNG, and PDF. Royole also secures content by curbing instances of important work arbitrarily disappearing after some time.

Buy now – Royole RoWrite Smart Writing Pad

8. reMarkable Paper Tablet

reMarkable Paper Tablet

Although the price is high, in terms of functionality this tablet excels. It uses CANVAS technology which balances the feel between a Kindle and real paper. The light adjustment options are beneficial for reading, and it is sunlight-friendly. It can sync over Wi-Fi and convert handwritten notes to typed texts. It provides cloud services on all your devices.

Buy now – reMarkable Paper Tablet

9. SolidTek AceCad Pen Paper Pad

 SolidTek AceCad Pen Paper Pad

This pad boasts a magnetic setup that helps in recording content with ease. It gives you the feel of using a real pen and paper, and 50 sheets accompany it. The battery life can be saved by switching on the sleep mode. Several file formats are supported, and contents can be shared via Bluetooth. One setback is the time it takes to adjust to the paper being used.

Buy now – SolidTek AceCad Pen Paper Pad

10. Huion New 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet

Huion New 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet

Ahoy, artists! This is your one-way ticket to glory in the digitalized world! This digital notebook designed exclusively for art connoisseurs has a few particularly unique tricks up its sleeve. There are 8192 pressure points that can be manipulated by the pen provided. One’s individual writing style can be aptly expressed. Besides, there are 12 short-cut keys on the side to make the mechanism easier to understand. It can be synced to other devices and contains an in-built memory card to save all those masterpieces.

Buy now – Huion New 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet

11. Bee Times LCD Writing Pad

Bee Times LCD Writing Pad

This tablet stands out among the simple writing tools. The exceptional feature of this basic choice is the availability of 100,000 pages. This vastly extends the life of the pad. The downturn comes when it cannot be synced with other IOS or android devices. A passionate writer can carry this easily portable notebook wherever he or she goes. It is hardy and reliable. The additional one-click delete feature makes things easier, too.

Buy now – Bee Times LCD Writing Pad

12. iskn The Slate 2+

iskn The Slate digital notebook

This is a digital notebook attaining laurels both in the artsy and office sectors. It works with your own kind of pens and pencils. A paper of about 0.27 inches in thickness can be attached to it and worked on. The versatility is revealed when it is connected to the computer or other devices by USB or Bluetooth, and also by working as a lone wolf. You can finish your tasks and then later save up the content on your other devices. It can be used as a regular drawing tablet with a special stylus and also offers a range of art tools. Thus the art world has applauded this notebook for no small reason.

Buy now – iskn The Slate 2+

13. NewYes Robot Pad

NewYes Robot Pad digital notebook

Are you feeling bored during the lockdown? Do you need to practice writing or drawing skills with no need for recording them? This is the thing for you. This tablet lacks all the common functions like syncing, exporting, or saving. It can be reused up to 500 times. It comes with two big magnets for you to stick up on your cupboard or refrigerator door. Just get creative, erase, and repeat. It is suitable for children and cannot be used for workplace purposes.

Buy now – NewYes Robot Pad

14. Elfinbook Everlast Smart Notebook

Elfinbook Everlast Smart Notebook digital notebook

It is a cheaper sequel of the Rocketbook Everlast, including everything from the Frixion pen to the scanning feature. Each page has two halves, one lined and the other blank. This takes on a dynamic approach. The pages can be cleared out with a wet cloth, although it is not provided with the package. The binding can be a bit tight for smoothly flipping through the pages. In case your budget constraint does not pave the way for the Rocketbook, this is a decent alternative.

Buy now – Elfinbook Everlast Smart Notebook

15. Sony DPT-RP 1/B Writing Pad

Sony DPT-RP 1/B Writing Pad digital notebook

This tablet is easily portable due to its slim design. The screen is 13.3 inches, larger than most other notebooks. The no-glare screen provides for reading even in bright sunlight. Documents can be viewed side-by-side due to a double-page feature. You can store your content on other devices through USB. A Sony digital paper app can be installed on your Mac or PC for transferring documents.

Buy now – Sony DPT-RP 1/B Writing Pad

Guidelines for Buyers

  • Wireless Syncing: The primary prerequisite is to check whether your digital notebook can link up with other devices and store your hard work. USB and Bluetooth support are crucial. It should also be able to change file formats.
  • Pen Size: Figuring out what dimensions of a pen your fingers are comfortable with is vital before you purchase a tablet. Then you can be sure that the stylus would not give you a hard time.
  • Tablet Size: It is important to determine how big you want your tablet to be. If it is too big and heavy, it may not be easily portable. A small and slim one on the other hand may not be useful for your office-based work.
  • Screen Format: It is a good idea to opt for an LCD screen. It reacts properly to your pen’s pressure sensitivity and thus records with ease. This screen is easier to view.
  • Pages: The number of pages is a vital factor for the writer. Some tablets come with reusable pages or a lot of spare sheets. Choose wisely according to your writing needs.
  • Battery Life: It is an ordeal to keep recharging your device for short periods of time. So opt for a tablet with sturdy battery life. It is better to pick one with USB support instead of in-built batteries.

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