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Starting A Creative Wedding Venue Business


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Where can a wedding be held? Just about anywhere the wedding couple desires. In today’s economy, more and more couples are holding back their expenses by opting out of a traditional wedding and reception venue to consider creative and even unusual locations for unique wedding experiences. In the following paragraphs, we’ll detail how to start a wedding venue business based on creative places and the profitable business you can build as a result.

One of the first steps to accomplish when starting a creative wedding venue business is to formalize your mission and objectives or goals for your business. Write out the reason behind your business; offer the “why” you want to start this venture. Include in this statement your goals or objectives to reach within a timeframe you choose. Maybe you’ll look years ahead; maybe only six months. However, you’ll want to put pen to paper to write out these concepts; they will assist in driving your plans forward and set the pace for the growth to come.

In the next step of starting a creative wedding venue business, put together a wedding venue business plan template that includes your mission and goals, along with an assessment of competitors and customers, a financial forecast, the marketing strategies that will be employed upon startup, an organizational plan, and research of locations that are suitable for weddings.

To make an assessment of competitors and customers, first consider the competitors within the general region of your business. Where will your boundaries for wedding locations lie? Are you selecting sites within your county, state, nation or globally? The boundaries will determine much of what comes next in your plan. Determine the offers placed by your competitors, any unique specialties provided, obtain the pricing plans of your competitors and examine how your competition could overcome your business. Also, research the demographic picture of your customers: are they creative and looking for new ideas? Do they want to save money by using a natural backdrop for their wedding? What are their concerns or wants? Building a picture of both competitors and customers will give you a marketing perspective and a clear idea of the offers your company will want to make.

Next, put together the financial forecast for your business. Include the projected income and the expenses that are required for startup. The forecast can be placed into the business plan as a forecast only; it is unusual for any business to startup precisely according to the forecast. Placing the forecast into the business plan, however, indicates an understanding of the financial picture should the forecast be used to secure any startup funding. If funding is needed, you’ll want to approach investors or lenders with the plan. Expect to receive offers with pros and cons of each attached. An investor may offer funding without a need for repayment; however, that will require a percentage ownership position in your company. This is often up to 15% of your company, but that is a consideration to review carefully. If you plan to secure funding through a lender or bank, know in advance that the funding will need to be repaid with interest and on a set schedule. Once the repayment has taken place, no further obligation remains.

The next step to complete will be the marketing strategies used to entice customers to your wedding venue business. In this sector of industry, probably the best offers will be sent via online images of the venues your business has accessed, photos of wedding settings, images of bridal couples, and scenic overlays of outstanding surroundings. Wedding venues can be created out almost any environment; be sure to display your best offerings in the invitation you place on your website. Also, increase the capabilities of your website if you do not have a seamless click-through experience for your customers. Use “Let’s Talk” and “Make an Appointment” buttons to engage customers online and give a general budget for several wedding venue options. Most individuals do not want to make the commitment for an appointment without having a general idea of the pricing of services offered. Finally, market your creative wedding venue business at bridal trade shows and other community or city events. There’s always a wedding underway; be prepared to engage and sell your services.

In the final step of your process, place every element of your business plan in a single document. Refer to it and revise it as needed over the coming months and years; it is the roadmap of your very successful future. Starting a creative wedding venue business is right on target with today’s bridal couple who want beautiful spaces for their wedding and lower costs overall. With the completion of your business plan, you’ve engineered a business that meets today’s market and creatively leads it forward.

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