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Zero Carbon

Africa’s Farmers Access to Zero Carbon Irrigation Technologies

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The innovative partnership between Seedlink and Water Powered Technologies Ltd. to increase yields and raise farmers’ income

The sufficient amount of water supply is one of the many important requirements for significant growth in Africa’s agricultural productivity. If their access can be improved and energy needs for agriculture met with the requirements, then the potential roadblock can be avoided. Africa’s farmers and their crops are in a crisis of a major need; water/irrigation. And it’s quite unpleasant to see farmers helpless. In an effort to bring back the waving crops, Seedlink and Water Powered Technologies Ltd. are joining forces in a ZERO CARBON IRRIGATION PARTNERSHIP.

The partnership-focused sustainable agriculture plans for high-input farming methods by helping Africa’s farmers to pump and store water. This strategic partnership will increase employment demographically and climate resilience for communities while allowing western consumers to address the scenario and support farmers with sustainable incomes across Africa.

The expense and pollutant-free irrigation systems

For better agricultural growth, the partnership offers training to attract financing support to farmers by using this globally patented UK technology product range. The product range of Water Powered Technologies Ltd. is from the compact Papa Pump to the large scale Venturo water pump, which offers plantations, water utilities, and hydropower sectors the ability to pump and store water for their respective applications.

With 1000’s of working systems globally, Water Powered Technologies Ltd. has designed the range of irrigation systems so that groups of smallholders or larger plantations can pump and store water for future needs. The stored or pumped water will be used to increase productivity without using the alternative of expensive and polluting diesel.

“Our systems help countries which are exposed to more intense rainfall and longer, drier periods and enable them to maximize their food production,” said Phil Selwyn, Technical Director, Water Powered Technologies Ltd.

Seedlink Ltd. on the field has already been working with 1000’s of smallholder farmers carried a series of tests on new crops for local and international markets to support a sustainable increase of crop yields.

Through this strategic implementation for sustainable agriculture Muhammad Altalib, Managing Director. Seedlink Ltd. assure that Africa’s farmers can rapidly increase yields for many crops with Zero Carbon Irrigation while not suffering from increasing fuel costs which limit their incomes. At the same time, Western customers can be confident with increased volume and variety of crops grown which can benefit farmers and their local communities while being traceable – from farm to fork.



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