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This 5 Year Old Certified Beekeeper Makes 60 Jars Of Honey Yearly

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For a beekeeping career, the age of consent always matters. Unless you are allergic to bee stings, beekeeping is not dangerous. A high school degree will suffice for most people to be eligible for this rare job but not for Archie Cridland, the youngest beekeeper from the UK who come up in the headlines all over. This 5-year-old kid maintains an enormous colony of nearly 60,000 bees and now proudly bears the tag of being Britain’s youngest certified beekeeper.

This Surrey child after submitting a portfolio of three month’s work picked up his British Beekeeping Association’s Junior Certificate in Apiculture qualification in the month of May this year. Archie was a victim of a bee sting at the age of two but this only swelled his interest in this small species.

Archie understands how bees are important for human existence. When asked about what made him keep this unique insect as his pet, he explained, “They’re important because they pollinate. They pollinate our trees, food, and crops.”

These 60,000 bees help him make 60 jars of honey a year, some of which are enjoyed by his family and most of them are sold. Archie also makes candles from the beeswax he collects. His curious mind makes him put bees under a microscope to look at them up-close.

This is amazing to see a kid at a tender age who knows how important bees are for nature. Honeybees contribute mainly as pollinators. They are responsible for pollinating more than 30% of the crops we grow for our consumption. It’s a huge contribution.

Agriculture relies on bees including animal husbandry. They maintain ecosystems as they make it possible for farms and cattle operations to succeed. Just think about it for a second! Scientists claim that even our existence depends on their population which is declining day by day. In the last 5 to 10 years there’s an increase in alarming about the stories explaining how bee populations are declining all over the world.

Archie’s true love for keeping bees in nature will inspire many to do what’s needed. He’s now busy with the study but now working towards his next bee-keeping qualification.
So what were you up to when you were five?

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