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best languages to learn

Top 10 Best languages to learn to boost your career prospects

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Did you know? There are hundreds of languages spoken around the world, and somehow these languages have become a deciding factor in terms of career prospectus. Irrespective of your skill set or career path, having the skill to grasp and efficiently communicate with people whose native language is not similar to yours is a valued tool. Not just is it factual, but also, it can benefit to create and preserve a deeper and stronger bond, the type of bond that can be profitable in big business endeavors as well.

Though some people are fortunate to grow up bilingual, most of us will need to work hard to reach there. Long story short: Perceiving more than one language will enhance your personal as well as professional life, regardless of the industry or the country you are striving for. The practice can be done in several ways—from finding the best languages to learn, joining language teaching institutes, or enrolling for an online course, or else you can even start with the best apps to learn languages

Thus, if you are determined to spare some time you should go ahead with picking up a new language to start learning.

There are just specific fields in which one language happens to be more beneficial than the other, preferably learning the one that fascinates you so are involved and engaged during the whole process.

The list below consists of the ten best languages to learn, based on the benefits of boosting your career aspects:

1. German

German language

As the accredited language of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, German has over 130 million worldwide speakers. Germany has the grandest economy in the EU. Germany’s largest industries consist of, automotive, aviation, machinery, medical equipment, electronics, and chemical productions. This builds it as a notably handy language for every profession including, doctors, engineers, and scientists, and for those as well who wish to get an outstanding education from German Universities. For anybody who desires to work in Europe, working hard to learn German could pay huge dividends and ranks in the list of best languages to learn.

To learn this language, click here – Learn German

2. Spanish

Spanish communication

If your ambition is to look for a way to connect with people worldwide, Spanish has to be on your list of top languages to learn. With over 483 million speakers, Spanish is the second most-spoken and the most popular language in the world followed by Mandarin Chinese, and it will benefit you in Europe, the United States, Africa, Oceania, and the Philippines. It is registered as an official language in 20 countries, with a total population of 500 million people. More precisely, Spanish is the formal language in growing South American economies such as Ecuador and Paraguay. There are major parts of the world where being able to administer a Spanish-speaking duty is a dominant asset.

To learn this language, click here – learn Spanish

3. Portuguese

Portuguese to learn

Considered Latin America’s second-most spoken language and comes under easy language to learn with almost 260 million speakers globally, Portuguese is also claimed to be the most rapidly growing one in Europe and is also one of the most useful languages to learn. The requirement for Portuguese speakers has grown over Brazil’s firmly evolving economy which presently ranks 9th in the global GDP.
Portugal’s Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva presumes that Africa will have the largest Portuguese speakers by the end of the twenty-first Century.
As foreign businesses continue establishing in Brazil’s flourishing markets, the freshly initiating trade routes will keep creating an increased requirement for interpreters and translators as well.

To learn this language, click here – learn Portuguese

4. Japanese

Japanese language

For anyone working in or wishing to work in the science and technology fields, proficiency in Japanese can offer plenty of opportunities to work with exciting companies.

There are roughly 128 million Japanese speakers worldwide. Japan is the third-largest economy in the world and is profoundly considered for technological transformation.

One of the immense points about knowing Japanese is that the government provides institutionalized Japanese Language Proficiency Exams for those who aspire to get certified, and you will notice that it’s being instructed at a growing number of universities globally.

To learn this language, click here – learn Japanese

5. French

French learn

The language of love is a powerhouse in universal diplomacy, where both the World Trade Organization and United Nations rely on it as an official language. Hospitality, travel, and tourism provide a comprehensive employment outlook for French speakers.

French can get you quite far in the business industry and is considered the easiest Asian language to learn. With over 76 million speakers in 29 countries, the African continent’s growing population could lift the global French-speaking population to over 700 million by 2050 stating it as one of the most beneficial languages for enthusiastic people to learn.

To learn this language, click here – learn French

6. Arabic

Arabic  languages to learn

Considering beginning your career in the Middle East? Why not start learning Arabic? The language is used in over 24 countries with 313 Million speakers worldwide and is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

The Middle East is the place where tremendous growth in the use of the internet is developing lately, so for those who are into online marketing.

To be ready to convert and hand over digital services to the Arabic-speaking world implies knocking into profitable markets as there is a remarkably high concentration of customer spending power.

To learn this language, click here – learn Arabic

7. Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese

One doesn’t need a lot of information to understand that the Chinese economy is one of the most powerful globally. It’s second to the United States of America. Now, scrutinize the fact that there are around 1 billion speakers of Mandarin Chinese makes it the most used language in the world, though is it not the easiest language to learn but after looking at the figures you will instantly recognize that it’s the ideal language to learn if one is looking to get advanced in the business world.

To learn this language, click here – learn Mandarin Chinese

8. Italian


A current study by KPMG has revealed that “Made in Italy” is the third most noticed brand globally followed by Coca-Cola and Visa.

Italy is one of the dominant economies worldwide, with many executives looking for people familiar with Italian.

For fields such as fashion, haute cuisine, design, fine arts & culture, football, the luxury car industry, or still for the Vatican career, and also to become foreign language professors in Italy, Italian is the prominent language with about 700 million speakers and is one of the best languages to learn.

To learn this language, click here – learn Italian

9. Russian


The language of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky is progressively turning into the language of oil and natural gas, two of Russia’s largest commodities. It is considered that there are over 250 million Russian speakers globally. However, most of them reside within the Russian borders, yet many are non-natives. Russia’s economy advances to increase and establish as the nation evolves further. The country is also getting progressively involved in international trade, making Russian an engaging language for those seeking careers in international business. Employees familiar with Russian may enjoy a wage hike of around 4% per year.

To learn this language, click here – learn Russian

10. Korean


There are over 77 million speakers of Korean globally, placing it in the top 10 best languages to learn. While most of the speakers are located in South and North Korea, there are also a huge number of Korean speakers in countries like Japan, Russia, and the United States of America. Korea is the land of several multinational companies incorporating LG, Samsung, and Hyundai. For those anticipating working in Korea, or for a Korean company overseas, enrolling in the Korean language is an inexhaustible asset.

To learn this language, click here – learn Korean

To summarize, businesses happen on a global scale and companies over the world work together and connect in several different languages. As a consequence, employers are now looking for potential representatives who are familiar with more than one language.

Enrolling to learn a language you were never familiar with can be difficult but you can prosper if you work hard and give your best. To gain the best results, you need to study for at least a couple of hours, every day. Quick tip, you can accelerate the learning process by gaining exposure through movies, web series, books, and music too.

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