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student engagement strategies

9 Useful Tips to Engage Students More in Classroom Learning

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The classroom teaching is part of our education system that hasn’t changed over a period of time. Teachers consider it a job, rather than a responsibility to provide the society with the skillful individual who can take it forward. Students sometimes prefer some teachers more from others. The trick to this preferential treatment might be hidden in teaching methods that a teacher applies in the classroom. To improve the classroom teaching a teacher should use the following techniques:

Link it to day to day normal life

Sometimes the teaching can be boring; the students will lose interest if it is monotonous. The teacher should try to convey the concept in the books and their implementation to real life. If students can learn the utilization of the lesson in their everyday course of life, they can better understand the lesson better. For example, if the teachers are explaining a verse from history, they can elaborate on the consequences of the decision from the lesson in the present time.

Communication is a two-way process

Teaching should not end by just giving a lecture or calking the blackboard. The teacher should ask the student to take part in the process, allow them to interact and present their point of view. By doing it you are enabling them to be more open in the classroom.

Be genuine in your approach

Sometimes the teacher does not accept their mistakes. They like to be seen as the invulnerable being who knows everything. This might create a gap between students and teachers. Just be yourself, show them you are also a student of life and open to learning each day as it comes.

Make use of different methods that are available

Different students have different grasping ability to a subject matter; a teacher should employ a variety of techniques to get through the lesson to most of the students. They can use audio-visual aids, games or interactive stories to get them through the subject.

Lessons should be enjoyable

Education is not a matter of fun but it doesn’t mean we can’t make it enjoyable for the students. If students see the approach of a teacher which is unusually different from the traditional method, they will pay attention to the class more.

Application of the education to the ambitions

Give them hope, raise their expectations to make their brains think about the relevant future. Allow them to concentrate on what will be the ultimate implication of the lessons they are learning today. They should think about the relevance of today’s learning in their future livelihood.

Move around a little bit

Sitting in a place for a longer period might make them stagnant. Take them out of the classroom, make them interact with the environment and join them in their quest for learning. It will fresh up their minds and they will be more ready to listen.

Do not scare them

Most of the time the teacher tries to present difficult subjects like a puzzle which students can’t solve without their help. Do not make it look impossible, the average students might lose hope at the beginning only. It might be difficult, but it is the responsibility of the teacher to make the students feel comfortable and in due time they will get good at it.

Learn about them

The teacher should know each and every student and figure what their strengths and weaknesses and try to modify his/her are teaching according to the class. This will make teaching more educational rather than just empty lectures.



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