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Art Education

Art Education and its Imprint on Kids Intellectual Abilities

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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ― Pablo Picasso

Remember the first day at the school, the stomach feeling a little bit jittery, mind bloating with expectations and meeting new people who you have never seen in your life. it feels scary at first without parental supervision, but it’s soothing to see the kid next to you is more scared, so scared that he started to cry.

You will make new friends, share a meal, play games, try to push others from the slide while you at it and learn new things. It was fun old times to explore your innate talents and school availed ample opportunities. The drawing, dance, music, and playing in the mud, strangely teachers were kept calling it the pottery class for no specific reason. The fact is it allowed us to express ourselves from our own inner boundaries.

Intellectual substance the art teaches us

Exposing kids to art education at an early age can be vital in developing their other aspects. It is proven that the kids who were introduced to different art forms at an early age were much improved in cognition skills. The melodies of music, movement of vibrant colors, creating a sculpture by hand will stimulate the brain and enhance the capacity to grab and retain the subject matter. Art teaches social bonding, through teamwork.  This will give them a feeling of self-worth and a sense of belonging while expressing the inner state of mind through arts. As they grow and get consistency it brings the changes that are required to be efficient in connecting with their surroundings.

Grow with the art

As we grow up, the love of art in us takes the back seat for other things in lives. We get so much tangled in the pursuit of a perfect life that we forget to sooth the inner child because people brand it irrational. Sometimes it feels just pick up the brush and paint, sing like nobody is listening and dance like nobody is watching.

Most of us leave our passion for arts back in our childhood. The fear and pressure of the world get to us- we are not going to make it, are we not good enough, what if we fail? We link arts to the recognition and success in life. Just remember why we did it in the first place, not for name, fame or money. We did it because it made us feel good and special, we did it for us. If you are a student or working somewhere, it might not be your dream anymore to peruse arts because people say it’s no good, do it to calm your inner storm.

Imagine, create and explore the inner expression

Though the time has passed and the person has grown, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little bit of art. Professional and personal life sometimes demands too much. Take just a little bit of time and immerse in art, so what you are not the best out there, just go and explore the inner expression of your heart, it might heal your body and mind.

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