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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence you should read

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging every day to conquer new heights of technological development and try to simulate human reasoning in AI systems. Hence, it has become more important to understand what are the various advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence. As per the study conducted by Statista, the global AI market will be growing up to 54 percent every single year. It would be quite interesting to know the ways of using the huge potential of AI. In this blog, we will shed light on 5 advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence to understand the suitability of AI in your day-to-day lives.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence


It is a well-known fact that artificial intelligence is able to give a new edge to every field in the market. Different businesses have a critical need to leverage AI technology for making progress and earning profits. Companies want to utilize AI to streamline their internal process. Here you can read about the advantages of AI before trying to apply it in your business. 

1. Reduction in Human Error

If the computer is programmed properly, it is able to avoid mistakes that are often committed by humans. With the help of Artificial intelligence, the computer takes decisions based on previously gathered information. It applies to a certain set of algorithms and implementation becomes easy. Thereafter, it reduces the errors and increases the chances of reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision.

For example, in weather forecasting, AI reduces the majority of human error and tracks the speed and paths of tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

2. Available 24×7

Artificial Intelligence overcomes human limitations. After a certain amount of time, the human brain gets exhausted and it cannot function properly. Humans require breaks from their continuous work. On the contrary, artificially intelligent machines can work for 24×7 hours without taking any breaks. This enhances work productivity. AI machines also work in emergency situations where humans cannot work.

For example, AI can detect multiple fire cases simultaneously or early detection of cases.

3. Better Risk-taking Capabilities

A higher amount of risk-taking capability is one of the biggest advantages of Artificial Intelligence. Man-made or natural disasters result in major damage to living things and non-living things. However, sometimes it is riskier to involve humans and recover the damage. In such situations, AI robots come to the rescue and can function well if they are properly programmed and it will be easy to avoid human casualty.

For example, going to Mars, defusing a bomb, exploring the deepest parts of oceans, mining for coal, etc.

4. Assistance on Digital Platforms

Highly advanced digital organizations use Chatbots for interacting with users. These Chatbots are highly efficient and provide a good way of communication. You can seek help from them regarding your complaints and other things you are not satisfied with. Chatbots are available on different mobile phone applications over android and other processors.

For example, dating apps and customer care services are using AI technology for better user experiences and communications. 

5. Unbiased Decision Making

Humans can sometimes fail to take unbiased decisions in critical situations and machines may work in an unbiased manner. It could be difficult to predict how humans can behave in situations. However, properly programmed robots will behave as per the requirements in every critical situation. AI can reduce the risk and function in a better way to get the job done.

For example, personalized customer communication, customer service management, predicting consumer trends and patterns, and evaluation of customer behavior.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence 


Sometimes, excessive things can prove to be dangerous and overuse of artificial intelligence can be disastrous for the future of human beings. Similar to other tech giants, AI also has certain limitations and disadvantages as follows:

1. Responsible for Future Unemployment

The functioning of robots is one of the best applications of artificial intelligence and it is performing actions that are executed by humans. So, AI is transforming traditional job opportunities into modern professions that require AI-oriented education and skills. It could be responsible for future unemployment in some cases.

For example, if robots start manufacturing products in factories then workers may lose their jobs if they do not upgrade their existing skill set.

2. Lack of Ethics and Moral Code of Conduct

Ethics and morality are important features that humans have and they make sure that technology won’t overshadow the existence of other living things in the universe. The hasty expansion and development of AI in most of the fields in the market are causing concerns to environmentalists and weaker sections of society. Machines are unable to decide what is good or bad because they lack comprehension ability and compassionate feelings.

For example, wealth created by artificially intelligent companies has no clear mechanism of equal wealth distribution.

3. High Production Cost

You are living in a technological world where you have to manipulate your skills according to the requirements of the market. Similarly, a computer machine also requires updated software and hardware to perform efficiently as well as to fulfill the latest demands of the market. Hence, the production cost increases day by day, and not every company can afford AI machines to execute the actions.

For example, small and medium-scale industries cannot afford AI machines. Some professions can’t be replaced with AI which includes lawyers, psychologists, caregivers, etc.

4. Emotionless Machines

Team management is essential to achieve goals when humans are working as a team. It may happen that robots work with more efficiency and productivity. However, when humans work passionately in a team, it is irreplaceable. A lack of emotions in machines hampers their creativity and you cannot expect innovative ideas from already programmed AI machines.

For example, racist robots and AI robots cannot perform poetry or write a book. 

5. No Improvement

Human brains develop strength over time and after gaining experience in a certain field. However, there are few creative things AI can function upon. AI is not designed for creative things and there is no scope for improvement in its work because it is not aiming high to excel in life. AI starts wearing out after a particular time and lacks improvement in its performance. It is aimed at performing in fixed situations based on the program but it is unable to function if any issue arises out of the box.

For example, AI cannot give legal advice and cannot monitor people under it; since its experience of work doesn’t get transformed into intelligent suggestions. 

Finishing Words

Artificial intelligence has a huge potential to create a new world. To achieve a correct balance between the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, you need to make sure it does not go out of control. For that, the system needs proper education and training. AI and robotics will keep updating and exploring new horizons in the upcoming years. We hope you will gain some valuable information from the blog and enhance your knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence. 

Trupti Munde

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