Amazon Rainforest Fire

Amazon Rainforest Fire- An indication of raising awareness

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“One hundred percent of donations will go directly to protecting the amazon”. Since the Amazon rainforest fire started raging, the tragedy compelled thousands of people to donate for Earth Alliance and its Amazon Forest Fund. Among them, many environmentalists came to help put an end to the misery. Leonardo DiCaprio contributed $5 million as an emergency response created by Earth Alliance in mid-August. Similarly, Yoshiki, an internationally renowned Japanese rock star has donated $1 million to the same in support of local efforts working for indigenous and local communities protecting the land and biodiversity.

Wildfire- an unprecedented surge

Amazon Rainforest Fire
Amazon Rainforest Fire

The Amazon Rainforest Fire is an example? But how do wildfires start? Well, all it just takes one spark. This spark can be natural or result from human activity. Wildfires and the air pollution they cause threaten people’s health. They fill the air with particles and harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and other toxic substances. Different types of fires emit slightly different pollutants into the atmosphere. Particles and gases from burning biomass can be carried over long distances, affecting air quality in regions far away. When particles fall on ice or snow these surfaces reflect less sunlight and warm up faster, causing the ice to melt. Climate change is increasing temperatures globally and drought risks in many regions, intensifying the risk and extent of wildfires. Advances in satellite technology make it possible to detect and monitor fire dangers. Improving forecasting systems is important for predictions and warnings around fire danger and related air pollution hazards.

Recent developments in sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasting have helped farmers to adapt and strengthen their agricultural practices, in response to enhanced fire-risk predictions. The World Meteorological Organization has initiated a Vegetation Fire and Smoke Pollution Warning and Advisory System to develop, implement and harmonize fire forecasting across the globe, providing a better picture of fires and related impacts and hazards everywhere.

The flames of consuming fire

Amazon Rainforest Fire
Amazon Rainforest Fire

Amazon Rainforest FireIt’s not just the Amazon – Fire rages are burning all over the world. Amazon with millions of burning trees has been among the top news stories for past weeks. The news affected the most only because this iconic location is responsible for producing 20% of the earth’s oxygen. The estimated measure calculated by Express.co.uk reveals that approximately 640 million acres have been affected by the fire. Now it’s really important to note that many other fires are burning across the world at the same time, some even larger and more widespread than those in the Amazon.

The recently affected areas include Angola, Congo, Spain, Greece, Alaska, and Siberia.

Siberia witnessed over 21,000 square miles of the forest was reportedly damaged. The reason behind this incident points to conceal illegal logging activities. A similar activity can be seen a few weeks ago, where the Greek island of Evia was under a state of emergency after multiple large fires broke out.

Are humans likely to be blamed? Environmental organizations and researchers claim that the wildfires burning the Brazilian rainforest mercilessly were set by cattle ranchers and loggers who want to clear and utilize the land, emboldened by the country’s pro-business president. Whereas some sources say environmentalists and conservatives did the fire job to get the attention of the world at a large scale that will benefit them to run money-making campaigns.

The chopping industries are making green by cutting the real green forests. It’s a fact! The Amazon is burning. Preventing these fires requires protecting the forests.

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