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The Real Tarzann

The Real Tarzann: Michael Holston Stresses New Animal Education

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The one aspect of educational videos is the ability of creators to generate a visceral feeling among viewers. A feeling so deep that makes the learners feel they are connected to the world. However, regardless of the topic, educational videos have always been pretty dull in the past. Except for a few, most creators find it difficult to make people feel fully engaged without exciting content. These video contents often fail at inspiring a new generation to learn about a topic. In reference to this, Animals can be some of the most striking topics in the world that can teach “how to live cohesively.”

Michael Holston, a former American football player, and known online Tarzan, is creating just that – consistent and friendly animal videos. A man many people know online as The Real Tarzann is also labeled as a modern-day animal whisper, possessing impeccable ability to communicate and interact with exotic breeds better than anyone else. After recognizing his capability, Holston started providing education information and now focused on educating a new generation.

Hands-on learning

 The Real Tarzann

It all started with Michael Holston as a kid and his compassion for animals. He acknowledged what few opportunities came his way and volunteered his time and work with different organizations. Whether it’s domesticated animals or some of the deadliest in the world, Holston resonates with all. The latest risk was a video of him swimming with sharks!

While Holston’s videos and photographs cannot serve true education, it can inspire those who have the same heart. He hopes to raise money for non-profit organizations and schools in need of help.

Formal animal education

 The Real Tarzann

This mid-20s Miami, Florida-based man is working to build schools to provide better animal education so that more people can be comfortable around animals. Holston knows that there is a broad audience who have the desire to share living spaces with animals.

To make this win-win situation into a reality, Holston is finding the right teachers for those schools, and hiring locals as guides. He hopes to create an environment where science and spirituality can coexist.

Non-profit organizations

 The Real Tarzann

Before becoming an online celebrity, Holston has worked with numerous non-profit organizations from education to fighting against animal abuse. These organizations have great ideas, but lack of funding slows the change they want. With these ideas, they can fight animal abuse that is going on in different parts of the world.

In the beginning, Michael Holston used to visit non-profits in person. He has established himself with grassroots campaigns and invested in helping them little by little to a new level.

Animal education matters

 The Real Tarzann

Holston moved to South Florida with his mother and it was the time when he was able to make connections in the animal world. South Florida is also home to many unique types of wildlife, and for some species, the only place to survive. He believes reaching out to his millions of Instagram followers can help him raise money for certain issues.

Holston finds late Steve Irwin one big reason for his involvement in animal education. Inspired by Irwin’s commitment to take risks in an entertaining way, Holston dedicated his life to educating people about animals being “The Real Tarzann”.

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