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Art Barn School

Art Expo to Raise Fund for Art Barn School of Art

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Art Barn School of Art surrounded by nature

Since 19 century Art Barn School is situated in 69 acres of land surrounded by densely populated trees in the northeast outskirt of Valparaiso. It was founded by the art enthusiast Jan Sullivan who perched anyone can create art.

As per the Executive Director Amy Davis Navardauskas, whenever something new arrived the lively response of Sullivan was good enough to do it. Her enthusiasm was infectious; people were more than willing to help to build a place for the starters, provided encouragement and mentorship for those willing to come back to arts, also help to raise money for the education of art.

Marc T. Nielsen Interiors is providing its services on Fridays and Saturdays to promote Sullivan’s dream by organizing art exhibit and fundraiser. The event is to sell the work of fine art from Walter Edelman from 5-9 p.m. Friday and from 12-5 p.m. Saturday at the Old Suman Road, Valparaiso.

The President of Marc T. Nielsen Interiors, Valerie Steil said, “We believe art is a very important element of personal, beautiful, interesting interiors. We love working with local artists as well as very well-known national and international artists. There is so much talent everywhere.

The exhibit will raise fund and awareness towards fine arts

Walter Edelman of Edelman’s fine Arts will be showcasing in excess to 600 pieces of arts. Edelman is a certified art appraiser and will be assessing the art from the customers in return for an additional cost. The family of the Edelman is in the art business for four generations had worked for 240 artists that include the name Picasso, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Miro, and some lesser-known artists.

A share from the sale of the art will go into the Art Barn School of Art for preservation. The Art school in1984 become a nonprofit organization and concentrated all its energy in encouraging the love of art in its one of a kind environment. September 21 and 22 they also organize annual exhibition and competition Art Blitz. It will invite people to explore the different art forms with live music and food.

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