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Rural New York

Schools of Rural New York Will Participate in National Funded Education Program

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The program will short out students’ problem

The school districts from rural parts of central and northern New York took part in a nationally-funded program that discussed the problem faced by the students and approaches to deal with them successfully.

The school districts of New York and Ohio, about 50 of them were hand-picked to be part of this program. The program is in partnership with the Harvard University’s Center for Education Policy Research. The university will provide the expertise to the local schools to evolve evidence-based policies to counter the nagging problem such as regular absenteeism, preparation for college and enrollment problems that are affecting the education in rural areas.

Superintendent of the Sandy Creek Central School District in Oswego County, Kyle Faulkner told that they are hoping to find a solution to the problem of student attendance through this program.

Help schools to reorganize and strategize

Faulkner also said; “it’s something that as a district we are very interested in coming up with new, innovative ways, techniques to make sure our kids come to school because the bottom line is, they are not going to be successful unless they come to school.”

Cato- Meridian Central School District in Cayuga County, Lafayette Central School District in Onondaga County, Thousand Islands Central School District in Jefferson County, Mexico central School district Canastota School District in Madison County, and Pulaski Academy & Central School District in Oswego County are few schools who were the part of this initiative.

The schools that took part in the program will join forces and share the result of the approaches they have implemented in their schools.

Faulkner also put forward the point that it is good to bring the research and data to solve the problem. It also provides the rare opportunity to work with schools in the rural sector that is facing the same problem.



The Educational landscape is changing dynamically. The new generation of students thus faces the daunting task to choose an institution that would guide them towards a lucrative career.

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