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4 Of The Best Ivy League Schools To Attend If You Want To Work In Tech

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The world of tech is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and with its rise in popularity comes plenty of job opportunities if you have the right skills. However, you will have to learn them first! Attending an Ivy League school is a sure-fire way to open up the doors to your dream job, so make sure you start the work early to make it to the college you’ve set your heart on. If you’re unsure of where you want to attend, we’ve rounded up the top Ivy League schools that focus on tech, so that when you graduate, you’ll be able to have the pick of the best jobs in tech. Check them out below!


Princeton is known for its Computer and Information Sciences program and has esteemed lecturers and faculty who teach and run the classes. They have strong foreign study opportunities and they have a specific center for entrepreneurial enterprises. The Keller Center at Princeton University offers a great way to understand the world of business which will put you in great stead to enter the world of work. However, Princeton is notoriously difficult to get into, so you will need to make sure your application is near perfect. If you’re not confident in your academic skills, why not use the services of professionals at Going Ivy who offer tutoring and application help.


Harvard has a wide range of research areas so if you’re looking to major in something IT specific it’s a great university choice. Their Artificial Intelligence program is particularly popular as it includes case study research, the use of AI in Python, and business analytics. It’s a super hands-on course which means you’ll be able to get stuck right in instead of being chained to a desk only focussing on endless theory – great if you like to be thrown in at the deep end!


Columbia has a whole host of great tech programs, but one that stands out is their Master of Science in Technology Management. This course will see you teamed up with your own personal business mentor who is an expert in your specific field of interest. Most graduates of the program end up in high-powered roles such as CEOs or CTO. This is a good program to undertake if you already have some experience in the tech world or an undergrad degree but want to further explore your education and learning opportunities.

4.University Of Pennsylvania

Another fantastic post-graduate program is Penn’s Master of Computer and Information Technology Program. This is a brilliant opportunity if you don’t have a huge experience in tech but want to move into the industry once you have a degree in something else. If you are in high school and want to get a taster for the tech world, you can apply to the Jerome Fisher Program of Management & Technology in partnership with Penn Engineering and the Wharton School which runs as a summer program and will also boost your college application for the tech program of your dreams.

Which of these Ivy League schools do you want to attend to kick start your career in tech? Share in the comments!

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