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Cancer Drug Trial

Breakthrough or a Miracle? Cancer Drug Trial gets 100% Results

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Cancer treatment has always been a life-or-death crisis. Even after 5-7 million years of humanity, researchers and scientists are still striving to find an assured treatment for the disease. A brief trial conducted by doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, however, seems to have ended this pursuit. To everyone’s surprise, the trial has resulted in the complete eradication of all the patient’s tumors.

Under this trial, patients were given the medication Dostarlimab for six months. The experimental group comprised only 18 people who had been diagnosed with rectal cancer, and while there is still much to learn about how the treatment worked, the achievement of such remarkable results is nothing short of a miracle.

The First Trial to get 100% Results

These rectal cancer patients had endured arduous treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and, more than likely, life-altering surgery that could cause bowel, urinary, and sexual dysfunction. Some people would require colostomy bags. Patients who went into the trial were expecting treatments once the trial was over, as they had no hopes from the trial. However, they were given a pleasant surprise, and no additional treatment was required.

According to some specialists, such results have never been observed before in the history of cancer research. Dr. Luis A Diaz Jr., of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, said, “I knew of no other study in which a treatment completely obliterated cancer in every patient. I believe this is the first time this has happened in the history of cancer”.

Milestone In the History of Cancer Research

Over the last 25 decades, Cancer has wrecked many lives. But at the same time, scientists and researchers kept trying and learning about curing cancer through many breakthroughs. The first-ever milestone was in 1894 when William Halsted conducted the first radical mastectomy for a breast cancer patient, which had a tremendous impact on cancer surgery. Since then, there have been many successful breakthroughs in the history of cancer research which has led us to the trial which is anticipated to be the most successful breakthrough of cancer research.

A Breakthrough Humanity Needs

We have come a long way to a world that is changing and where nothing seems impossible. Sadly, Cancer has troubled us since the beginning of its existence. But we have made progress and have not given up. Although the trial’s preliminary findings are encouraging and full of hope, the drug’s efficacy cannot be determined in such a small and once done study. To determine the drug’s efficacy, a much larger trial with a large number of patients is needed. Hopefully, this could just be the breakthrough we need.

Sarang Mahajan

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