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Blue Apple

Blue Apple Projects Inspire Students to Learn and Fight Real World Problems

The project-based learning will help teachers and students create a sustainable environment It’s known that kids/students learn at a deeper level when they do meaningful ...
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STEM Workshop

National Science Week in Maryborough to Host STEM Workshop

The second event in the Maryborough The National Science Week was celebrated in Maryborough, in which around 2500 students took part in the Wide Bay ...
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Hospitality and Tourism

UTRGV Set to Introduce a Program for Hospitality and Tourism

Introduction in the fall A new program for hospitality and tourism which was in the planning stage got approved and the University of Texas Rio ...
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Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Future or Extinction of Mankind

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial Intelligence is the cognitive ability of the machine to understand its environment and successfully communicate with it. Let me ...
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USC Thornton School

USC Thornton School of Music Trains Undergraduates for Classical Music as Career

Showing students how to thrive with the gig economy in today’s diverse music profession The classical music profession has changed and so their masters and ...
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Natural Disaster Education

Wheeling University Will Introduce a Program for Natural Disaster Education

The grants will assist in natural disaster education The 1.3 million dollar assistance was given to the Center for Educational Technology and The Challenger Learning ...
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Art Barn School

Art Expo to Raise Fund for Art Barn School of Art

Art Barn School of Art surrounded by nature Since 19 century Art Barn School is situated in 69 acres of land surrounded by densely populated ...
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Rural New York

Schools of Rural New York Will Participate in National Funded Education Program

The program will short out students’ problem The school districts from rural parts of central and northern New York took part in a nationally-funded program ...
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Medicine & Health - The Triton Support Chair Supports Back Pain

The Triton Support Chair Supports Back Pain

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. aims to shift body weight off the spine with its unique seating system “Maintain 2-3 inches of space between the front ...
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Scholarships to Top of the Class Students

Scholarships to Top of the Class Students by CCAA

The scholarship will aid students of arts The top graduating students of Charles County Public High School are getting 1000 dollars scholarship from the Charles ...
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heart treatment

Excellence in the Heart Treatment Award for Charles Regional Medical Center

Award for consistent maintaining of good quality Stroke Honor Roll Elite Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award of American Heart Association/American Stroke Association was won by ...
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DeVry with BIBT will Provide Affordable Online Courses for the Bahamians

The new and cost-effective program A new agreement between DeVry University and Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology (BIBT) will empower competent residents of Bahamas ...
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