Dwaun Warmack

Dr. Dwaun Warmack: Creating a Cohort of Visionary Leaders Who Excel in Every Aspect of Life

Chartered on December 18, 1869, Claflin University is the oldest …

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Bradley J. Cook

Bradley J. Cook: An Educator Putting Learners’ Needs First

Early childhood experiences are not dissimilar to clay being molded …

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Steven Yoho

Dr. Steven Yoho: Providing Educational Opportunities to a Diverse Student Population

One of the oldest universities in Georgia, South University was …

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Christopher Capuano

Christopher Capuano: Transforming Education with Vision, and Grit

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a myriad of challenges to …

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David Livingston

Dr. David Livingston: Strengthening the Heritage While Catering Modern Education

Lewis University—initially named Holy Name Technical School, was established in …

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Nido Qubein

Nido Qubein: A Leader Promoting Education Globally

Established in 1924, High Point University (HPU) partnered with the …

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University of California San Diego

Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla: Transforming the Approach to Teaching and Learning

The University of California San Diego was established as an …

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jack hawkins

Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr. : A Catalyst for the Transformation of the University

Troy University, a public university based in Troy, Alabama, was …

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Lorrie Clemo

Lorrie Clemo Ph. D.: A Pacesetter Making a Difference in Higher Education

Over the past decade, higher education has exhibited the same …

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Patricia France

Patricia France: A Visionary bringing about a Paradigm Shift to Education

The education sector has been constantly transforming in response to …

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Dr Jack Thomas

Dr. Jack Thomas: A Leader Creating Meaningful and Transformative Opportunities

“An era is defined by our focus and determination to …

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Peggy Valentine

Peggy Valentine: An Educator with a Distinct Vision

Driven by technology and the changing expectations of modern learners, …

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